Two hundred and forty-eight, first time here
/Zhang Xiaopang is being unfairly accused, “Sister, it’s unfair. As the main force of Leiguang Hall, and also under the great trust of Brother Meng, of course I must strictly control the entry of new disciples!”
“Really? Why do you only guard the female disciples and leave all the male disciples to Senior Brother Zhou?”
Liu Mei rolled her eyes at Zhang Xiaopang.
“Ahem, well, it’s just a different division of labor, right, Senior Brother Zhou?”
/Zhang Xiaojiang winked at Zhou Qian. Zhou Qian had now joined the Zhou family and became one of the Zhou family’s key training targets.
“Ah, what, Suoming, you cook this dish really well.”
Of course Zhou Qian, a veteran, was pretending to be confused about this kind of thing.
“If you see it, this kid will shirk it. These brothers must not relax!”
Yang Ying looked at Wang Meng lovingly, their eyes locked, and everything was silent.
Liu Mei couldn’t stand it, “Wang Meng, have you ever practiced any evil skills? How could you confuse sister Ying into such a monster?”
Liu Mei was indeed speechless. Ma Tianer was like this, Yang Ying was like this too. This guy also had two shoulders to carry one head. Is it that good?
“Sister, you have to believe that there is great righteousness between heaven and earth. Those who are close to the red are red. I am an absolutely righteous man!”
Zhang Xiaopang said righteously and solemnly. Liu Mei was really angry at this guy’s defeat and started to chase him, making the atmosphere even more lively.
Suo Ming is very happy. The food that everyone likes to eat is the greatest compliment to him. It would be great if he could open a restaurant one day.
Zhou Qian has finally made his mark, he is still smooth and sophisticated, but he is no longer the irresponsible Zhou Qian he was before.
Hu Jing was as serious and calm as ever, and controlled the overall situation in an orderly manner. Although Zhang Xiaojiang was lively, with Hu Jing around, he couldn’t do anything. This kid likes to play and draw lots, but he is a real man.
With Lei Guangtang’s huge resources and Zhou Feng’s care, he can rest assured.
When the wine got thicker, everyone let go. Zhang Xiaopang’s clothes were almost stripped off, as was Wang Meng’s. Things were flying everywhere.
Wang Meng completely indulged himself. It was rare to get drunk for a few times in his life. For him, every day like this was precious.
Wang Meng was carried back to his hut in a daze. However, this hut has been renovated and has everything inside. It has become the “holy place” of Lei Guangtang, and new disciples must come here to pay homage.
It was here that Wang Meng who was on the second level of Life Mark trained hard and created miracles step by step.
It must be said that miracles can infec