After completing the task, deacons like the Alchemy Academy can use the Alchemy Teaching Formation here. Wang Meng himself has a certain interest in alchemy. From a certain perspective, Zhou Feng succeeded. Wang Meng is still the auxiliary direction of various practices. Most interested in alchemy.
Dan Xiu’s soul mentor is a woman, very calm. According to Fan Hong’s Five Elements personality theory, this person should be of the water element. She probably belongs to the type who generally does not get angry, but when accumulated to a certain extent, it can be very fierce. of.
/In the School of Cultivation, the general concept of alchemy is very clear. It is undoubtedly the role of treatment and auxiliary practice, but the former has a higher tendency. Using elixirs to improve vitality is obviously not popular, and It just focuses on the role of assisting in combat, rather than on cultivation.
Good elixirs can indeed play a very important role in battle, especially at critical moments. The first article on elixirs introduced elixir cultivation. King Yuanli nodded while listening. It felt very reasonable. Yes. My understanding with Zhou Feng is not much different. If there is any difference, it is probably that the elixirs contained in the Cultivation Academy are far beyond what any other young world can compare with.
In fact, the more you understand the Star Alliance, the more you will feel its mystery and terror. A cultivation academy shows its background. Who can actually establish such a huge cultivation alliance.
If it had nothing to do with the Zhongqian World, Wang Meng would be the first to not believe it. He just had to keep his doubts deep in his heart. With his current strength, this issue was still far away from him.
In the Cultivation Academy, apart from the daily study, there are also tasks to be given, some of which you can choose by yourself, and some of which are just mandatory. They can also be regarded as a kind of test, and elixirs are very important.
It’s just that buying it from the academy’s alchemy room is definitely not something Wang Meng and Fan Hong can support. In comparison, it is more practical and feasible to buy the materials and refine it by themselves.
Generally speaking, in a month or two, the Holy Church will give them rations. The number of spiritual stones will not be too many, but they will not be impoverished if they save some money.
Children from poor families have long been the masters of the family. Wang Meng is very adaptable to this situation. Fan Hong doesn’t look like a lavish person, at least he has a good attitude.
While Wang Meng was diligently practicing, there was also a lively scene in the temple.
The departure of Ning Zhiyuan, Wang Meng, Li Tianyi, Ming Ren, and Liang Yuan meant that the Nine Branches of the Holy Chu