Ling Yan asked.
I thought for a while and said, “The risk is too high. If there is a fight or some accident and people around us find out, it will be detrimental to us. But it’s not impossible to get through. I’ll freeze the lake. Can’t we get over?” ”
Ling Yan was stunned, and the fat man and the others all laughed. I walked to the edge of the lake with my waist down. The water was still quite turbid and I couldn’t see clearly where the mechanism was. I raised my hand and my breath wandered on it, and then gently Put his hand into the water. The breath that turned into cold air dispersed in the water, and soon there was the sound of ice forming. The area of ??ice was getting wider and wider, and the water surface was changing faster and faster. In about five minutes, half of the artificial lake was frozen with a thin layer of ice. I continued to release my breath. After about another ten minutes, half of the artificial lake was completely frozen. I took back my hand and turned around to face Fatty and them. “ok” gesture.
“Did you freeze the lake?” Lingzhen didn’t have a clear understanding of my strength in the past few years. He always thought that I must have improved, but not too much. After all, he had the impression of me more than two years ago. He is a person who has a good fortune and hides secrets, but his own strength is only so much. Regarding the Sanjiang Ghost Town Conference, he even had some disdain for me, thinking that I must have encountered something in the ghost town at that time, so I was able to suppress him and Zhuan Ya for a while. But today this scene appeared in front of him. Half of the artificial lake was frozen in fifteen minutes. Although the artificial lake was not big, it was still about two meters deep. With a diameter of seven to eight meters, this method has exceeded his expectations.
“Don’t be stunned, go in and rescue people, ensure Lingqian’s safety as soon as possible, and evacuate this place as soon as possible.” I was afraid of long nights and dreams, so I urged everyone to walk towards the house on the frozen lake.
The house in the middle of the artificial lake looks lonely, not very big, just two small houses.
/There were no lights in the house. Lingqian should have fallen asleep. We climbed up the railing outside the house and stood at the door. Ling Yan knocked on the door and whispered: “Sister, I’m here to save you.”
There were some strange noises inside, and then I saw a light on in the window, the door was opened, and Lingqian was wearing a simple cloth. , appeared in front of us somewhat haggardly.
She was slightly startled when she saw Ling Yan, and then showed an incredible expression. Ling Yan was also very excited to see his sister. She smiled and said, “Sister, I’m here to save you!”
I stood behind without making a sound, and Lingqian’s eyes looked at me through the crowd, and their eyes instantly froze, with a strange light shining in them. As if she didn’t believe it, and as if the long-awaited thing had finally happened, her eyes were a littl