action in his face.
That’s right, Farrow is really dissatisfied now
that he is having a good conversation with Archmage Merlin. He has even been invited and is about to walk into the most magical alchemy laboratory in Thousand Sails City. This boy actually ran away. You came out, and you even glared at Archmage Merlin over a trivial matter. Do you want to die?
“Who is that?” Farrow originally wanted to curse, but when he opened his mouth, he forgot the boy’s name,
“Hao Hao Hao.” The poor young genius had to remind him carefully.
“Oh, House Alchemist, right?” Farrow nodded first, then his face darkened.
“Has your teacher ever told you that as an alchemist, handling magic materials and operating alchemy tools with your own hands is a required course for every alchemist? If you can’t even do this little thing well, how can you be an excellent alchemist? Alchemist? Also, who do you think you are? You are just an alchemist. You are not a great alchemist or a master. If you don’t believe me, go back and tell Basolo about gilding? ” If Rose doesn’t provide you with an assistant, let’s see how Basolo will look at you!”
“Fallo Alchemist, I didn’t mean that, I just…” House was almost in tears after being sprayed by Faro. He didn’t even bother to think about why Luo was angry, he just kept apologizing and explaining.
“Go back and think about it yourself. Think about whether Gilded Rose has treated you badly!”
Farrow doesn’t care what House is feeling, and what about young geniuses. In the world of alchemy, there are too many young geniuses. A few appear every year, but in the end, how many will truly become great alchemists?
Take Farrow himself as an example. He must have been a young genius back then. He was already an alchemist at the age of eighteen. At that time, everyone said that Farrow was truly an alchemy genius that is rare to see in a century. But when he was in his twenties, When he was still an alchemist at the age of 18, when others saw him, they would only think that Faro, a young man, still had a bright future.
Yes, it’s very promising
. In the world of alchemy, if you don’t become a great alchemist, you are nothing. At most, I can only say “very promising” to you.
If it hadn’t been for meeting Archmage Merlin and getting some pointers at the Black Corner Auction, I would still be the promising Farro now.
Of course, Farrow would not say these words to House.
After the spray, Farrow left the reception room directly. He originally planned to look around and get familiar with the gilded roses first, but when he walked to the road, a magic apprentice named Remy told Farrow that Boss Merlin asked him to He went to the alchemy laboratory on the second floor.
The alchemy laboratory on the second floor of Gilded Rose!
Farrow’s eyes suddenly lit up. Others didn’t know where that place was. How could Farrow not know?
/That is the most magical alchemy laboratory in Thousand Sails City. At the last black corner auction, the ghost potion and volcano potion were sold for a sky-high price of