sword cultivation has improved over the years.” Mr. Xu said with a smile, his eyes naturally falling on the thin sword in his hand.
“I’d like to invite President Xu to the Maoshan Jiuxiao Wanfu Palace some other day so that we can learn a few tricks.” Master Xuyun gave people an unfathomable feeling even with his faint smile.
“Definitely. Why is Mr. Tian Ningzi so silent today?” After greeting Mr. Xu at Maoshan, he turned to Tian Ningzi, the head of Longhu Mountain, and saw that Tian Ningzi was wearing a golden Taoist robe. It looks full of nobility in the golden light, like a golden body. It’s just that his face seems to be depressed, and it can be seen from his face that there are many things in his heart that make him unhappy.
“President Xu held a tea party after the incident in Three Thousand Kings Pavilion. I know his intention in my heart. Pindao is also very aware of your relationship with Ba Xiaoshan, but there are rules in the world. You should not hold this tea party today, and Ba Xiaoshan Xiaoshan deserves to die.” His voice was low and he looked very angry. Mr. Xu smiled and said nothing, “Haha, this is today’s topic.”
/However, Mr. Xu didn’t answer, but Jun Yan, who was sitting in front of Master Xuyun, sneered: “Ba Xiaoshan deserves to die? Why didn’t I see it?”
As soon as these words came out, Tian Ningzi immediately stared at Jun Yi, eyes filled with laughter. If there was a flash of cold light, it was like two sharp swords pointing directly at Jun Yan opposite him. Jun Yan didn’t care at all, and as a junior, he actually looked down on Tian Ningzi opposite him.
“If it weren’t for your grandfather, do you have enough cultivation to be sitting here?” Tian Ningzi sneered.
“What’s wrong? You don’t accept it? If you don’t accept it, go talk to my old man. I remember very well when my old man carried me for a walk in Longhu Mountain. I remember you also gave my old man a cup of tea, right? Senior Tianningzi ” Jun Yan said with a sneer, his tone full of disdain for Tian Ningzi.
“The military family of the two norths cannot live forever, and your grandfather cannot protect your military family for a lifetime. If his big tree falls, I would like to see how you, the descendant who runs a small teahouse, live?” Tianning There was a threat in Tian Ningzi’s tone, which intensified the conflict between the two sides. But at this moment, the chair next to Tian Ningzi, which was facing Jun Yan, shone brightly, revealing a masked man in black. Sitting on a large chair, only a pair of blood-red eyes were exposed. His appearance disrupted the hostility between the two sides and brought the quarrel between Tianningzi and Junyi to an abrupt end.
Jun Yan turned his attention to the only evil person among the eight people in the tea party. After the man appeared, he only nodded slightly to Mr. Xu and remained silent, but the atmosphere on the long table also changed. It seemed to freeze with his appearance.
“Why are you moving so slowly? I heard that the boy from 507th Institute can’t come. He’s still r