moment, a dagger appeared silently behind me, stabbing my neck with murderous intent and cold wind. I suddenly turned around and saw an afterimage flashing before my eyes, and then disappeared without a trace.
“Run away?” I waved my hand, and the afterimage was blown away silently, but I heard a sneer ringing in my ears,and the breath disappeared again.
At this time, I felt like I was fighting an invisible invisible man. His breath would only appear the moment he attacked me, but if I didn’t catch him, his breath would disappear here in the next second. In the smoke. This fighting method is actually very similar to that of ancient assassins, who used terrain advantages to cover themselves while practicing their footwork, body movements and even breathing. This piece of smoke can obscure his figure, and his practiced footsteps are silent as he walks. The breath that cannot be captured makes me blind.
/“Can’t you see me?” His voice suddenly rang in my ears. I turned around and slapped him, but he disappeared from my eyes.
“I’m not there, I’m here.” His voice suddenly appeared on the other side of me, and I turned around and was about to take action. His body disappeared again.
“You can’t catch me, can you? No one can catch me. As long as I want to, I am invincible in this smoke.” The voice sounded far and near, showing that he was constantly moving. His breath fluctuates slightly when he speaks, but he speaks intermittently, and his breath appears and disappears from time to time.
“Do you think you will win?” I asked.
“Then you catch me? Haha” He sneered and kept moving, and I closed my eyes. At this moment, the eyes are equivalent to decoration.
“I have the right time and place, otherwise I will count down three seconds and then kill you.” His voice suddenly came very close, I didn’t move, and his dagger stabbed straight at my neck. At this moment, I suddenly stepped on the ground, and all the energy in my body spread outwards. I only heard the Haotian family’s dead servant scream. Then I opened my eyes and saw the smoke being blown away by the surging breath. When I turned around, this guy He was bounced against the wall by the breath, and after being hit hard, there was blood at the corner of his mouth.
“In order to practice your body skills, people like you have to control the weight and strength of your body, so you can’t take a beating. When I hit you just now, other people who are as good as you may not be so seriously injured. In comparison, you are just a Porcelain doll.”
The opponent gritted his teeth and stood up straight, dropped another smoke bomb on the ground, and quickly dodged it. I closed my eyes, waited for a few seconds, and then suddenly slapped a palm towards the right rear. Without any warning, it hit the opponent firmly. When I pressed my palm, the opponent spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground. The dagger also fell to the ground.
/“How did you find me? My breath should be…” He stopped mid-sentence, wiped the corner of his mouth and said, “Because I was inju