in Zhao, please stay!”
Zhao Bo took one look and knew who he was. , this appearance has been imprinted in his mind, and he said coldly, “Bao Dahe, right? I will have to ask you to be a witness later.”
Bao Dahe suddenly stood there and did not move for a long time.
When he came to his senses, he was already a little wet from the rain.
He thought about it, raised his hand and called someone over, “Old Tang, lend me the ground mouse for a while.”
The ground mouse is from Old Tang, the supervisor of the engineering team, from Shuntian Mansion, thin and dry, and very interested in the people of Shuntian Mansion. Everything is clear.
Then, Bao Dahe took Ground Mouse to the hunting house in the south of the city. He didn’t dare to go in, so he went to Ground Mouse to find out the news.
More than an hour later, Gopher came back after inquiring about the news, “Captain Zhu is here. She came with Miss Wu. I said Brother Bao, brother, I must say something that I shouldn’t have said. You really have offended the wrong person.
” In normal times, a mere construction team supervisor would dare to call himself his “brother”?
But Bao Dahe didn’t care to think about this at all. He originally wanted to take this opportunity to get in touch with Wu Xiaonv and talk about the rent. When he heard that Captain Zhu came with her, his little thought was immediately thrown away. The country of Java.
No, I have to go find my cousin. Bao Dahe hesitated and finally made a decision.
He didn’t want to see his cousin unless he had to, because he came into contact with her as a “rural relative”.
His cousin treats him well – people in Middle-earth do value family ties, but his cousin’s husband treats him very well.
How many people does the deputy director of Youzhou County Construction Housing have to meet on a daily basis? The deputy house chief’s own relatives from the countryside can’t arrange it, so one can imagine his attitude towards the relatives from the Madam’s family.
Among the deputy house chief’s own people, there were quite a few complaints about his placement of Bao Dahe – can’t you tell the difference between inside and outside?
In fact, Bao Dahe also knows in his heart that this cousin-in-law is quite good to him. Although he has not even solved the problem of establishment, how can it be so easy to obtain the establishment of the government?
My cousin-in-law said, you go ahead and work on it first, and I will help you figure it out when you get the chance.
Now that such a big mess has been revealed, he doesn’t dare to see his cousin-in-law at all. Even though he usually uses the name of his cousin-in-law to scare people, now, he can only go to his cousin to talk to him first.
However, he just turned around and didn’t take more than two steps when two men came towards him. You didn’t need to look at anything else. Just by looking at the way they walked and the arrogance on their faces, you could tell that they were definitely scoundrels.
/One of the landlady said hello with a smile, “Hey, isn’t thi