diculous, and because someone warned him repeatedly, he actually did not treat Li Yongsheng as an ordinary cultivator.
He had a feeling that Zhang Muzi plus Li Yongsheng might really be able to kill him – in fact, Zhang Muzi had already made it clear that he could be killed without the True Lord Talisman. He showed the Thunder Talisman of the Lord of the Third Palace to let him know. Retreat from difficulty.
So even if he was extremely annoyed, he didn’t dare to take action casually.
“Quiting is like quitting,” Li Yongsheng looked at him coldly and said impatiently, “Keep your mouth shut, don’t you know that trouble comes from your mouth?”
With just one look and one sentence, Yang Zhuifeng’s anger The value has skyrocketed, and I really have the urge to take action with hatred.
/He would not consider that his nephew’s arrogance caused this scene. The Yang family is known for their bravery, but they act arrogantly and high-profile. It is also true that they have no habit of reflecting on their mistakes.
Seeing this, Zhang Muzi snorted coldly, “Yongsheng, the Yang family is very unconvinced.”
“If you’re not convinced, go ahead.” Li Yongsheng turned around and didn’t look at Yang Zhuifeng at all – the two men had left the battlefield. He didn’t need any more attention.
Unless the two of the Yang family dare to take action beyond their own capabilities.
Yang Zhuifeng and Yang Jia Sixiu looked at his back with fire in their eyes, four eyes as if they were real, shining on him with burning heat.
Li Yongsheng didn’t realize it, he coughed lightly, “There are three transformation cultivators in total, can’t they escape?”
“Surround them,” Shao Zhenren waved his hand and spoke coldly, “Don’t fight hard, wear them to death, be careful of your substitute.” Technique.”
Du Sanchao laughed loudly, “Substitution Technique? Li Xiaoyou can solve it!”
The expressions of Yang Zhuifeng’s uncle and nephew changed again: This craftsman can actually break the Substitution Technique?
The Wei family was very sure that Li Yongsheng had such ability. Wei Yixiao saw that the situation was not good and shouted, “Brother Yang, are you just giving up on us?”
Yang Zhuifeng was still a little impulsive and a little unconvinced. Hearing this, he immediately curled his lips and said, “Why don’t I want to help you? But Motianling and the Du family are both your Wei family’s personal vendettas. You’d better resolve them with sincerity.”
Most people are not allowed to participate in private vendettas, and the Yang family It is not impossible to insist on intervention, but the Yang family’s action this time is to stand up for the reclusive family, and it is based on righteousness. If it is about personal hatred, it will lose the righteousness.
If other hidden families cannot be tied to the chariot, the Yang family is just a true king. What does it matter?
Both the Arctic Palace and the Xuannv Palace have at least three true monarchs. Although the King of England is only a prince, it is not difficult to recruit a true mona