In the ancestral temple, after receiving the news, Zhang Jian immediately notified Qi Yuhua and Bai Liying, asking them to take charge of the construction and planning of the Zhang family in Fengqiao Town.
Fortunately, the meeting was on the second day, so Zhang Jian did not need to return immediately, otherwise it would be difficult to wait for feedback here.
The new moon is like a hook. After the Nine Yang Emperor drives the Sun Star away, the brilliance of the Lunar Star spreads throughout the central heaven.
“I didn’t expect the moonlight in the central heaven to be so strange!”
At this time, all the immortals gathered together in the mansion in Maple Bridge Town, looking at the top of their heads with a look of wonder in their eyes.
Yesterday, they arrived for the first time and stayed at the Lingyuan Emperor’s residence. There was no particularly obvious feeling of the sun, moon, day and night changing in the heaven. The stars in the sky around the heaven were always there, illuminating the heaven as if it were eternal day.
But on the earth of the central heaven, I realized that the sun and moon of the central heaven are so unique.
At night, there are twelve bright moons scattered across the sky, illuminating the earth.
/Although it was night, the twelve bright moons illuminated the earth as white as frost and snow.
In the small town, there are mostly mortals, but there are plenty of things and people, and the houses are not closed at night.
Under the night, many children wearing horned buns were playing in the night wind, and their laughter spread far and wide in the night wind.
There is a small bridge and flowing water in the distance of the town.
The river flows quietly in the moonlit night, and rows of maple trees exude a unique woody fragrance in the night.
The immortals couldn’t help but quiet down for a while, quietly enjoying this unique tranquility.
Zhang Yi and his wife also looked pleased.
Even in Dongxuan China, the capital of the Great Xia Dynasty may not be so peaceful.
“It’s a pity that the children of those concubines cannot enter the heaven and share such bliss.”
Zhang Yi couldn’t help but sigh, and suddenly stopped, only to see Qi Ruolan give him a fierce look.
Zhang Yi suddenly felt embarrassed. He raised the tea in his hand and tried his best to hide his face.
Zhang Jian burst into laughter when he saw this scene.
It was rare to see such night and beautiful scenery, so Zhang Jian immediately suggested that all the immortals take a night tour of this town together.
Zhang Jian also felt that the time spent accompanying Qi, Bai and Yu was too short, so he accompanied the girls on a walk along the river at night.
Under the bright moon, the five people couldn’t help but recall their time in the mortal world.
The girls seemed to have endless things to say, and they also sighed a little when