ttend the birthday of Emperor Zhenwu. She will arrive probably tomorrow morning.”
Zhenren Zhaoxue’s surname is Chen. She is a resolute ascetic monk whom Li Yongsheng last met. Pass her.
“You can look at the arrangements yourself,” Li Yongsheng muttered, “I have to get up early tomorrow morning and go to Ning Mansion to meet
Eunuch Ning.” The birthday of the King of England is not a trivial matter. Although he was supposed to celebrate his birthday in Daming Mansion, now he has a tight schedule. It was a bit hard to move around in Prince Tianfu’s palace, but early in the morning, the surrounding areas of Prince Ying’s palace were crowded with people celebrating their birthdays.
Nowadays, most officials know that the King of England’s situation is not good, but as long as the King of England does not raise the flag of rebellion, he is a prince, and all the decency and rituals that should be expected are indispensable.
/The magistrate of Shuntian Prefecture still had to come in person to maintain order, and the magistrate of Youzhou County also had to send someone to congratulate him – although he definitely didn’t want to send anyone.
The Ministry of Military Service didn’t want to send anyone, but it still had to come. The King of England had served in the Ministry of Military Service for five years, and was almost left to sit in the Western Frontier. He didn’t have many close friends in the Ministry of Military Service, but after all, It’s the place where he worked.
The Government Affairs Council also sent people to celebrate the prince’s birthday. The local Government Affairs Secretary is the only department that can be more deeply involved. Other departments must avoid suspicion – the prince is not allowed to associate with the local government.
This time, the Government Affairs Council sent a vice-president with a very high standard, and he also brought congratulatory messages and gifts from the dean.
Of course, the biggest boss to come is today’s family.
But he came here early in the morning. He heard that the emperor’s uncle was in poor health, so he came to greet him. After a while, he left in a hurry, leaving two eunuchs who were in charge of rituals to help with the arrangements.
This seemed to be a compliment to Li Yongsheng, but in fact it was a bit of a slap in the face to Ning Zhiyuan – you asked for a companion, but the King of England knew him well.
It is not just the Chief of Ceremonies who can embody the will of the Tian Family. When Ning Zhiyuan’s carriage arrived at the gate of the British Prince’s Mansion under the guidance of Ning Zhiyuan, the congratulatory guests were all startled: The bright red in the eyes today. People also came in person?
With Ning Zhiyuan’s popularity, he could actually drive the carriage through the door directly, but he didn’t know who prompted him to get off the car in front of the door. Under the guidance of two small yellow doors, he walked in with Li Yongsheng.
In this way, Li Yongsheng certainly fell into the eyes of the guests.