When things get to this point, the problem becomes awkward. The provinces that expressed support for the construction were all poor.
There was no money or food, and even the labor force could not contribute much. On the contrary, it is the provinces that clearly oppose it that are the main force in providing people, money, and food.
“Governors, you are all knowledgeable about military affairs, and you should know how difficult it is to bring a piece of prairie into your jurisdiction.
If we don’t build city walls, what will we do to resist the orcs’ invasion?
Investing a large amount of resources in the Near East in a short period of time is indeed a loss-making business, but the accounts cannot be limited to the present.
Think about it, everyone, once the defense line in the Near East is stabilized, the current twelve provinces in Northern Xinjiang will be out of danger, converted from front lines to normal provinces, and will be able to contribute a large amount of finance and tax to the kingdom every year.
As long as the time period is extended long enough, this income will definitely be able to cover the cost of building the Near East defense line.
As our national power grows, the orcs’ national power is correspondingly weakened. As one goes, the kingdom’s advantage over the orcs will become greater and greater.
If the plan is successful, we can continue to copy it in the future, gradually advance to the grasslands, and slowly encroach on the orc empire.
It is indeed difficult for everyone now, but this difficulty can be overcome. As long as we cooperate with each other to build the Near East defense line, we can actually build it without spending a penny.
Lords in various places provided food when they had food, resources when they had resources, and labor when it was inconvenient.
According to the original plan, this war would last two to three years. The provinces that had not yet completed the corresponding tasks took the opportunity to complete the tasks. ”
Grand Duke Efiero revealed his family background to everyone with a calm face, making representatives from all parties look at each other.
The war ended early, and naturally everyone was not exhausted to the point of running out of fuel, but poverty was real.
In order to silence the opponents, the military minister directly sent a “planned construction model”, or a continuation of the kingdom’s wartime economic model.
The material and manpower required to build the defense line were all requisitioned by the kingdom for free on an apportioned basis, so the cost naturally came down.
/The only thing that needs to be tested is the kingdom’s organizational ability. However, the Alpha Kingdom has mobilized twice in the past five years, and the kingdom’s organizational capabilities are at their peak.
As long as everyone is determined to do it, they will be able to build the Near East Defense Line. The only problem is the time it tak