The commander of the fleet does not hold a high position in the Holy See. Among the senior leaders of the Holy See on the Holy Mountain, no one has a naval background.
This is determined by tradition. Before the navy developed, the positions above had been carved up, and as a latecomer, naturally you couldn’t get in.
In Moses’ view, this labor expedition was an opportunity to prove the value of the navy.
It is absolutely not allowed to ruin the navy’s big plan for some trivial matters.
“Mossis, it’s not that I’m looking for trouble, the main reason is that the other party is bullying others too much.
How can we listen to outsiders’ instructions on what we should do?
By sending us a chart, is it possible that we think we don’t even know the information about the foggy sea area, so we still need their help? ”
Harmody couldn’t help complaining.
/Acting impulsively does not mean that he is really stupid.
Although the Holy See is related to society, it also needs to test its abilities. If he were a useless idiot, he wouldn’t be able to get the position of fleet commander.
His behavior just now seems reckless, but isn’t it because of the character’s needs?
It was done not only for the Alpha people to see, but also for the boss to see, and it was politically correct to maintain the dignity of the Holy See.
/If he really wanted to take action, how could he be held back by his companions at such a close distance?
“What’s so strange? They just want to use our hands to get rid of the ghost ship lurking in the foggy sea.
According to the intelligence coming from the Holy Mountain, the Eastern Warhammer Kingdom’s front is on the verge of collapse, and the attention of the Alpha people has probably been drawn to it.
In a short period of time, I am afraid that we will no longer be able to take care of the coastal areas.
On the surface, they can’t do anything to us, so they naturally have to play dirty tricks. The Sea of ​​Mist is known as one of the ten most dangerous places on the mainland. Ships that enter it cannot say that they will escape death, but at least 80% of them will be damaged.
Now that there is a ghost ship hiding in it, the danger is even greater.
The Alphas clearly wanted to borrow a knife to kill people, and now it was up to them to see if the knife they borrowed was sharp enough. ”
Moses sneered.
Everyone knows that the dangerous continent of the Sea of ​​Mist is dangerous, but there is a reason why they have to enter.
This operation was originally under the banner of encircling and suppressing the ghost ship. If there was no actual action at all, it would not look good on the face of the Holy See.
The most important thing is the news about the artifact.
The treasure-hunting team disappeared in the foggy sea area, suspected to be under the influence of the Alpha people, but the issue of the artifact has not yet been concluded.
Did the Alpha man plot against the treasure hunting tea