All he could think about was that there was another one. As for what the maid said later, Hudson didn’t listen at all.
However, the steps he took were taken back. At this critical moment, he couldn’t go in and cause trouble, but his mind couldn’t help but become confused.
Two of them came at once. Is this the effect of the Koslow family’s gene for having more children, or is it just luck?
Suddenly two young masters were added, and the entire lord’s mansion was filled with a sea of ​​joy.
The clan elders who received the news congratulated each other and then left with a wink.
Just as he was about to have a private communication with Melissa, little Franz had already rushed in with his younger brother, directly asking Hudson to take back what he said.
“Is this my younger brother? He’s so ugly! Father, are you sure they are biological?”
The words were shocking and endless. As soon as Franz’s words came to the ground, Hudson’s face turned green with anger.
This wave of Tongyan Wuji is really filial to the sky!
Melissa’s face was even more gloomy. If she hadn’t just given birth and her body was in a weak state, she would have given her son a good beating.
When it comes to bloodline inheritance, these words cannot be said carelessly. If something like this happened, he would become a motherless child tomorrow.
There are a lot of messes among the nobles, but they are all because the woman’s family is strong enough, or there are enough political interests involved.
If there is no such reliance and a joke is made that destroys the inheritance of the bloodline, then just wait for a sudden death!
The two families who were originally married will become enemies as a result.
“Franz, it seems that your skin is itchy and you need me to loosen your muscles and bones!”
While talking, Hudson grabbed his eldest son and slapped him on the butt.
Tears flowed out, but unfortunately this wave of cruelty had no effect. The loving mother now only had anger in her eyes.
If it weren’t for her own son who said this, Melissa would have had murderous intentions.
The bloodline can be tested, but the problem is that Hudson will be suspicious! Once she is suspected, her future will not be easy.
“Hudson, Franz’s daily homework is too light. It is necessary to add two hours. I will supervise it personally later!”
Hearing Melissa’s angry words, little Franz became more and more hopeless. He didn’t understand why his loving mother became so vicious today.
Two hours a day is clearly child abuse. Whose child has such a full schedule at such a young age?
“You really need a good education. Little Franz is quite rebellious!”
Hudson said with a depressed look.
The eldest son is too lively and has been rebellious at a young age. If the following ones are the same, they will not be able to survive in the future.
Many times, Hudson could only comfort himself: This is his biological child!