s eyes widened with anger and he ran outside! Luo Qiong and I rushed forward, and the three of us rushed straight into the group of snakes, like three fearless warriors.
In fact, many years later, when I recall these past events, those dark nights, those fights, those blood burning because of youth, they will make my heart beat in the silent night.
/You only have one youth. If you don’t do something outrageous and crazy when you are in your twenties, you may regret it when you get older.
I followed Fatty, and the three of us only knew how to move forward.
I had already spilled all the realgar in my hand, but the venomous snake still pounced on me, holding the animal bone dagger to tear off the venomous snake entangled on my shoulder, and stabbed it down, and the blood spurted out and fell on my face.
I shouted again, with Fatty as the vanguard, and behind Luo Qiong Palace, snakes surrounded me from all directions. We can’t be bitten. If any one of the three of us is poisoned, the consequences will be serious. We ran wildly in one direction, and the snakes gradually fell behind us, but they still didn’t dare to stop.
We had run nearly two hundred meters away, the snakes were no longer chasing us, and the surrounding woods seemed much cleaner. Luo Qiong and I both collapsed on the ground. The fat man leaned against the tree and slowly opened his mouth. A blue breath floated out from his mouth, and then quickly dissipated in the surrounding air.
A breath of foul breath came out of his mouth, and the fat man sat down on the ground, sweating profusely, panting as if he was seriously ill, and even kept beating his chest with his hands.
“Are you okay?”
If most people have not been trained, the holding time of two minutes is already very good. If strenuous exercise is added, the holding time will be greatly shortened. From the time when the fat man asks the magic boy to get on his body, at least it has passed. Four to five minutes, plus fighting against a swarm of snakes and running two hundred meters on the road, even a trained athlete might not be able to do it.
The fat man reluctantly waved his hands, his entire face had turned pale white, and he was completely speechless, as if there was something blocking his chest.
“Fat man, fat man!”
I yelled several times, and the fat man kept beating his chest, and his lips turned completely purple.
“Luo Qiong, come here and help!”
He shouted back and Luo Qiong hurried over.
“The fat man can’t breathe now. It will be dangerous if he continues like this. I’ll lift him up, and you try to press the air out of his lungs. Quick!”
/I’m holding a fat man of about 200 pounds. Sometimes it felt like I was lifting a car, my arms were shaking desperately, and I couldn’t support it for long. But there is only one belief in my mind, to save my own child! This is my brother who I grew up playing with.
Gritting his teeth, suppressing his blush, he raised his head and persisted desperately. Luo Qiong hit the fat man on the chest. This is a traditional metho