oft and natural.
“Ah?” When Tang Rouyu heard this, she said softly, but her eyes averted a little, and a slight blush climbed onto her cheeks. But after all, it was Tang Rouyu who calmed down after a slight loss of composure. She smiled charmingly, nodded and said, “Really? Thank you.”
“Haha.” Yin Kuang smiled and pushed the trolley past Tang Rouyu. After passing over Tang Rouyu, Yin Kuang took a breath and whispered softly, “It feels good.” The voice was so soft that even Yin Kuang himself didn’t hear it clearly.
After Yin Kuang walked over, Tang Rouyu, who had lowered her head, raised her head and looked at Yin Kuang. She couldn’t help but bite her delicate lower lip. “This guy” also spoke in a very low voice, barely able to hear her clearly. He groaned and lowered his head again to think.
After sitting down, Yin Kuang gently took down the information carriers one by one from the trolley and placed them on the table. From left to right, there are the tortoise shell that Tang Rouyu gave to him, an ancient bamboo slip, a brocade silk with exquisite patterns, an ancient book bound with yellow thread, a thick leather notebook, and a PAD that looks like crystal clear glass. There were only a few items, and Yin Kuang didn’t take more. He knows very well that in such a short period of time, if you are greedy for too much, you will get nothing in the end.
Yin Kuang first picked up the tortoise shell that Tang Rouyu gave him and rubbed it gently. He felt that there was even lingering fragrance and warmth on it, and he couldn’t help but feel a little distraught. However, he soon came back to his senses, secretly scolded himself, and stared at the tortoise shell intently. text above.
However, he gradually frowned, and his face showed horror:
“Slay the dragon and extract the soul!?”
“Tip: There are still five minutes left before the time limit. Please leave immediately.” ”
Tip: If you exceed the time limit, you will be responsible for the consequences. .”
Just as everyone was immersed in reading, the principal’s voice suddenly rang in everyone’s consciousness. Then, the various information carriers in each person’s hands were suspended and automatically flew back to their original positions.
/All the students were stunned for a moment, then stood up and rushed towards the door. They all wished they could have more legs.
“Quick! Run! If you don’t leave, it’s too late!”
“Get out of the way, don’t get in the way!” “”

Suddenly, the whole library became noisy again. And this kind of noise could not last long. As one after another people rushed out of the whirlpool of blue fluid, the library gradually fell silent.
The white floor, white walls, white ceiling, and the white pillar in the center are just such a library, embodying the past, present, and future.
/Tranquility seems to be its only personality.
How are you? Do you know?”
After a moment of silence, Qinglonghun said slightly surprised.
After everyone left the library, they walked indifferently toward the dormitory, everyone walking