a “click” of bones cracking, and blood splattered.
“I’m going to kill you! I’m going to kill you! Die! Die! Die!!” Punch after punch, Hong Zhong’s huge iron fist hit his body crazily. In an instant, Hong Zhong He had already lost his support and fell to the ground. However, even though he fell to the ground, he still did not stop hurting himself. But this time, he no longer used his fists, but directly took out a knife, roared, and stabbed his throat.
Tang Rouyu and others were caught off guard, and it was not until this moment that everyone reacted. Tang Rouyu shook her arm and threw a flying knife. With a “ding” sound, the flying knife knocked away the saber in Hong Zhong’s hand. Then Tang Rouyu hurriedly said: “Hurry and hold him down!” At the same time, she said: “Baixue, wake up Qiu Yun!” With that, Tang Rouyu, Ouyang Mu and Qi Xiaoyun all disappeared, and Qian Qianqian rushed forward and locked Hong Zhong. Press firmly to the ground.
And Bai Xue also called Qiu Yun loudly. However, no matter what, Qiu Yun could not be awakened. This was obviously very different from ordinary sleep.
Something is wrong!
Bai Xue gritted her teeth, took out a small bamboo bottle, then unplugged it, opened Qiu Yun’s mouth, and poured a smelly black liquid into Qiu Yun’s mouth, “I’m sorry! If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to wake up. You. Just suffer a little.” Then, she took out the bone flute she had used before and started playing.
/As for Hong Zhong, although he was pinned to the ground by Tang Rouyu and four others, he still struggled, yelled and cursed. At this moment, his strength was also surprisingly strong, so much so that the four girls tried their best and couldn’t hold him firmly in place.
“What the hell is going on?” Qi Xiaoyun was punched by Hong Zhong. One of his eyes became red and swollen, completely disfigured, and he felt angry, resentful and aggrieved. Tang Rouyu said: “If my guess is correct, this should be a ‘murder in a dream’. Damn it! We were fooled!” Qian Qianqian said: “Sister Tang, we must wake him up quickly. If this continues, he will He’s going to die!”
Tang Rouyu frowned. She naturally wanted to wake up Hong Zhong, but the problem was that she didn’t know how to wake him up. Qi Xiaoyun said: “Sister Tang, why not use a sedative?” Tang Rouyu shook her head and said: “No! That’s useless! And I don’t know what serious consequences it will cause.” ”
Then what should I do?”
At this time, Hong Zhong suddenly shouted Roared, “Beast! Bury with my mother!” As he said that, he suddenly opened his mouth wide, then stuck out his tongue, and then bit it down hard! Tang Rouyu, with quick eyes and quick hands, grabbed the handle of the knife and inserted it into his mouth. However, Hong Zhong bit down with all his strength, even breaking the handle of the knife. At the same time, his tongue was bitten off by himself.
For a moment, black blood spurted out. The original screams now turned into “woo-woo” sounds. Then, Hong Zhong’s limbs began to spasm, tremble, tighten and loosen. A pair of