nt music, there are also clear sounds of women’s coquettish cries, as well as a rough and cheerful laugh.
There was a circle of black-armored knights surrounding the “Sixteen Horse RV”. There were only thirty-six knights, who could barely protect the RV. These thirty-six riders, thirty-six people, opened their thirty-six pairs of eyes and monitored everything around them at 360 degrees, as if not even an ant was spared. However, they didn’t seem to see a large living person who was countless times larger than an ant following them.
Needless to say, this group of people is Dong Zhuo’s headquarters. And besides Dong Zhuo, who else was laughing loudly in the RV?
/In the forest, Wang Yue withdrew his gaze from Dong Zhuo, looked at the strange object called a watch on his wrist, and stared at the seconds on it. When it was nine o’clock with only ten seconds left, Wang Yue held his stick-like hand on the hilt of the sword. It was not Yin Kuang’s Qingtan Sword, but his Hanguang Broken Sword! For a swordsman, only his own sword is the best sword, even if it is broken. “Tie Dong, you have trapped me in disloyalty and injustice, I will take your life today!” At this moment, there was no trace of murderous intent in Wang Yue’s body. Just count down the seconds silently in my heart. When he finally reached “1” silently, Wang Yue moved!
If you don’t move, that’s it. If you move, you’ll be shocked. Without wasting a single trace of his murderous intent, Wang Yue flew out from the mountain forest, his gray and white tight-fitting night clothes leaving only a very faint shadow in the moonlight. The next moment, he leapt directly across the distance to the RV at the foot of the mountain. The moment his feet landed on the roof of the RV, the killing intent that had been suppressed for an unknown amount of time suddenly exploded.
Wang Yue is not an assassin, he is a swordsman. The assassin killed silently and escaped thousands of miles away. The swordsman enjoys grudges and indulges in any indulgence. Therefore, he turned the depression and resentment in his heart these days into boundless killing intent and finally condensed it into one word: kill!
Han Guang Sword came out, the sword energy was vertical and horizontal, and the light blade swept across. Like a storm of swords, the sides of the luxurious RV suddenly shattered from top to bottom, and the debris shot out in all directions.
In fact, there is no need for Dong Zhuo to shout. After Wang Yue shouted the word “kill”, the thirty-six fine knights around the RV reacted only a moment later. At that moment, nine knights jumped up, drew out their scimitars and rushed towards Wang Yue. The other nine knights threw out nine hooks, trying to pull Wang Yue down. There are nine more with their weapons drawn out, ready to lead at any time. The last nine rolled off their horses and burrowed into the ground of the RV like loaches. They didn’t know what switch was pressed, and the floor inside the RV sank suddenly. Dong Zhuo, who was like a ball of meat, just came out.