tistics, Class 1237 received a total of 160,000 learning points this time. The remaining “level assessments” are for each student and are not recorded in the collective account. Among them, more than 160,000 learning points were almost all obtained in the warehouse of the Ouchi Imperial Palace. This really echoes what Yin Kuang said back then, “If the operation is good, I guarantee that everyone will make a lot of money!” Now that I think about it, isn’t it a lot of money? On average, almost everyone can get around 10,000 learning points, and everyone’s originally dry pockets are suddenly enriched. In addition to learning points, in principle, the treasures and props obtained from the palace warehouse belong to whoever picked them up. As for giving it away, it is entirely voluntary. Of course, buying and selling is also possible.
Yin Kuang said: “As long as you are willing, Class 1237 is very welcome.”
“Boy, I think you are very unhappy, do you know that?” The man continued jokingly: “Usually, there are only two outcomes for people who are unhappy with me. One is alive, the other is half-dead. Tell me , which one do you want to choose?”
Zhongli was silent for a while, clenched two huge fists and said: “Thank you. I will use actions to prove that your decision today is correct.” Yin Kuang smiled and said: “Then I’m looking forward to your performance. So, from now on, you will be the official members of our Class 1237?” Yin Kuang said this while looking at Li Shuangmu and others, obviously asking them Views. You should know that the addition of new members must be approved by more than half of the members of the class to be effective. However, Yin Kuang’s question was obviously just a formality. Because no matter what aspect you consider, Bai Xue and the other three must stay!
Next, a “List of Class 1237 Members” appeared on the blackboard. Bai Xue and the three of them each wrote their names, which officially meant that the three of them had left their original class and joined the elite class of Class 1237!
/“Then, the next step is the last item,” Li Shuangmu looked at everyone and said, “We need to make the necessary summary of the scene in “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”. Although this time,” Li Shuangmu looked at Yin Kuang and said, “Because Yin Kuang’s careful planning has made us a big profit, but I hope everyone will not slack off because of this. The mock exam is originally a benefit given by the principal to our special class, allowing us to exercise ourselves and get enough rewards at the same time, and its own difficulty It is inherently limited. If everyone thinks that the exam scene is nothing more than this, then we will definitely suffer a big loss in the future. Don’t forget, in ten days, there will be the joint exam for the three excellent classes! This will be a big problem for us A very important test. Everyone’s mentality must be corrected!”
After hearing Li Shuangmu’s words, everyone nodded in agreement. Yin Kuang said: “Everyone should think carefully about where we have fallen short a