py every time they see it.
There is a huge poster hanging above the window. The picture on the poster is of players spraying Nelson and Cuban with champagne on the night of championship.
Next to this is a large TV, which plays a documentary about the Mavericks’ championship last season on a loop.
In addition to giving gold-plated mice to the players, Cuban will invest another huge sum of money in the team to renovate the arena in the summer.
The Mavericks next season will be the most technologically advanced arena in the NBA.
This showroom has been decorated in advance.
Sun Hao turned around and saw it was Little Nelson.
He had heavy dark circles under his eyes and looked like he had been working very hard recently.
At this moment, a confused voice came from behind Sun Hao.
Old Nelson took Annie to Europe, and the responsibility for summer operations of the team immediately fell on his shoulders.
Although he has strong personal abilities, he can be considered a serious new general manager. He does not have many connections and is definitely not as easy to come by as Nelson.
Sun Hao and Nelson had a good relationship. They smiled and went up to say hello. After sitting down, they chatted about Annie’s current situation.
What he got was good news. There was a doctor in Switzerland who was very good at this and had started treatment with very good results.
“Dell said that Annie is an angel and she will get better.”
Sun Hao recalled what Harris had said before and said with a smile.
Little Nelson nodded.
As the two chatted, they talked about the news of free market reinforcements.
/As Sun Hao thought before, Nelson doesn’t have many connections in the league, which makes him relatively passive when pursuing free agents.
Take Payton and Malone, the two hottest veterans on the market right now.
Neither of these two has won a championship yet.
Fortunately, Payton is 35 years old. With his ability and style of play, he can still play in the NBA for 3 to 5 years.
But Malone is 40 years old, and if nothing else happens, this will be his last season in the NBA.
For Malone, joining the defending champion Mavericks is the best choice.
But both Payton and Malone readily rejected Nelson.
There were many reasons for rejection, including Nelson Jr. being unfamiliar with them, and the fact that they didn’t like the city of Dallas.
But the most important thing was that the Mavericks couldn’t give them the role they wanted.
Although they are older, they want to compete for the championship, not just for the championship ring.
What they want is a more convincing championship than Barkley’s last season.
The Mavericks are short-handed at both point guard and power forward, and can’t give them the roles they want.
This is probably the reason why they did not go to the Spurs in history.
“We have almost enough manpower now.”
Sun Hao comforted Little Nelson.
The current roster of the Mavericks:
Point guard: Sun Hao, Van Exel, Calderon;
shooting guard: Bell, Adrian Griffin;