an Xuan immediately glared at Gabriel, complaining that he didn’t catch the king.
Gabriel was helpless because he was the boss.
When shuffling the cards, he asked Han Xuan: “Little boss, the small casino in Las Vegas that we bought together two years ago has been in bad business recently. Galgernon asked me to ask you if there is any way. Can it improve the reputation of our small casino?”
/Several bodyguards were working together to acquire a small casino. Although Galgernon and the others left, they were still shareholders of that casino.
In addition to the famous big casinos in Las Vegas, there are also a lot of small casinos. Old gamblers with insufficient funds prefer to go to those small casinos, so the business was quite good in the past few years. Every year, the profits are equally divided into their hands, and there are seven Eight hundred thousand dollars.
Recently, with the rise of a number of newly opened small casinos, the customer base has been dispersed, so profits have fallen sharply this year.
“How is he doing now?” He
hadn’t heard from Galgernon for a long time. After asking, Han Xuan replied: “If the casino environment is old, it’s best to suspend operations and renovate it. Now there are a new batch of gaming machines. You can try it. It’s time to replace it. If that doesn’t work, just give out a few big prizes. It’s true that you have to lose a lot of money, but after attracting gamblers, you can earn it back. I think Landlord Fighting is very good, take out a bonus of 100,000, and hold a Landlord Competition, by then all gamblers in Las Vegas will know about your casino, which is more useful than advertising.”
Gabriel immediately gave a thumbs up and praised: “The little boss is just a little boss, and his brains are better than ours. I used a lot. Gargernon has been doing pretty well recently. Last time he called me and told me that he had picked up a French starlet. I rented a tape and watched it. He has a really good figure and is very good in bed.”
Han Xuan heard The more I think about this sentence, the more I feel something is wrong.
Thinking about whether he was good in bed or not, how could Gabriel know that? A reasonable idea popped into his head, and he asked in a low voice in shock: “Adult actress?”
Stars in adult movies can indeed be considered stars, Jason answered. Said: “That’s right. We have all seen that Galgernon is very beautiful.”
Gabriel deeply agreed and nodded: “That guy is so lucky.”
“What the hell is a beautiful woman?” Han Xuan thought with black lines on his head. With so many cuckolds on your head, and everyone knowing your girlfriend walking down the street, is this something to be proud of?
/I can’t help but sigh, the American brain circuit is really powerful.
“Molly has been notified that she has been included in the list of medical treatment experimenters by Cambridge University. Thank you for your help. Maybe I will take leave in a few days and accompany Molly to the UK.” ”
Molly is Jason’s blind girlfriend. It was difficult to j