Sun Hao broke the Lakers’ seven-minute scoring drought!
80 to 71!
The score difference is back to 9 points!
The cheers immediately erupted.
The fans now feel like they are trying to swim upward in a very deep water. There is still a long way to go and they are about to feel suffocated.
At this moment, someone gave me a hard push at my feet, and I finally surfaced and took a breath of fresh air!
That feeling, out of body!
The ball rights were exchanged, and Garnett continued to attack Walker under the basket.
This is using Walker as a breakthrough for the Lakers’ defense.
This time Walker not only sucked milk, but also used all his strength to poop.
His efforts finally paid off this time. Garnett’s shot was interfered with and hit the basket!
O’Neal collected the defensive rebound, and the Celtics’ counterattack finally stopped!
This offense and defense finally allowed the Lakers to stabilize their position.
“Come on! Lakers!”
Lakers fans shouted again at the scene.
Sun Hao controlled the ball past half-court and called Hill to come up and play the pick-and-roll.
The Celtics decisively chose to play Sun Hao.
But Sun Hao was obviously prepared for the ball. He passed the ball to Hill before the double-team was formed, and then quickly cut to the basket.
At this time, O’Neal also set up a “Gortat pick-and-roll” in advance under the basket to open the offensive channel for Sun Hao.
After receiving Hill’s return pass, Sun Hao flew for a layup.
Garnett’s help defense, it’s time again!
This guy has his own defensive system and is everywhere!
Sun Hao didn’t panic when he saw it, and directly changed the layup into a dunk.
Sun Hao successfully smashed the ball into the basket before Garnett blocked the shot!
Garnett failed to keep his hand and hit Sun Hao on the back of his hand.
The bottom line referee whistle blows, this is a 2+1!
The cheers at the scene instantly turned into cheers.
At the most critical moment, Sun Hao, as the owner of Staples Center, finally stood up!
This continuous scoring under the basket abruptly curbed the Celtics’ point-chasing momentum!
After Sun Hao completed the dunk, he turned around and gave O’Neal and Hill a high-five each.
The goal just now was inseparable from the tacit cooperation of Hill and O’Neal.
Although he knew that the Hero Ball was needed at times like this, he knew very well that he was not fighting alone!
Walking to the free throw line, Sun Hao adjusted his breathing.
83 to 71!
The score difference is back to 12 points!
There are only more than 5 minutes left in the game.
/This point difference can make the fans at the scene breathe on the “water” for a while!
Ray Allen also made an unconventional move at this time, walking from the baseline to mid-range, receiving a pass from Garnett.
The crucial 2 pointsCounting this ball, Ray Allen has scored 11 points in this quarter and feels hot.
83 to 73!
The score difference was once again recovered to 10 points.