ce, he will not be able to enter that world.
Long Ming entered that world that might be his own. So facing Yin Kuang, he also “opened the door”. Yin Kuang did not hesitate, twisted his body wildly, bowed the dragon’s tail angrily, accelerated his body in vain, and rushed into it.
/The surrounding scene changed, and Yin Kuang came into a strange world. Without enough time to observe the world, Yin Kuang locked his eyes on Long Ming, who was high in the sky in the distance.
“This is my world!” The evil purple dragon transformed by Long Ming opened its mouth and spat out purple mist and said, “This will be the cemetery where you are buried! After devouring your purple dragon soul, I can still aspire to be the supreme king! Even if it is That damn principal can’t do anything to me! Suffer death!!” As soon as he finished speaking, Long Ming let out a thundering roar, his long and rough dragon body spiraled, and he opened his mouth to spit out a purple thunder pillar. In an instant, the wind and clouds suddenly rose, and the color of the sky and the earth changed.
/Yin Kuang’s dragon body twisted wildly, avoiding the purple thunder pillar, and roared: “I’m afraid of you!” The dragon’s mouth opened angrily, and he responded with a scorching flame pillar, heading straight towards Long Ming.
A confrontation, thunder and fire attack each other, no one can do anything to anyone.
However, the purple thunder pillar that Yin Kuang avoided flattened a huge mountain. And Yin Kuang’s flame pillar evaporated a large lake.
Then the next moment, the two giant dragons approached and became entangled in each other in an instant. Yin Kuang first bit down on Long Ming’s back, crushing the scales on his back and embedding his sharp teeth directly into the flesh. And how could Long Ming be willing to show weakness? A dragon claw grabbed Yin Kuang’s lower abdomen. The dragon scales on the lower abdomen are more brittle and thinner, and a hole will be made out of them when they are scratched.
Two streams of purple liquid swayed from the bodies of the two purple dragons.
A thunderbolt fell from the dark clouds.
Then, the two dragons let go of each other at the same time in a “tacit understanding”. Because the two cherished their lives and were unwilling to exchange injuries for injuries.
After separation, they staggered and flew apart. He immediately turned around and rushed over. Almost at the same time, the two dragons opened their mouths angrily. Yin Kuang sprayed out a pillar of water, and Long Ming sprayed out a pillar of fire. Water and fire collided, canceling each other out in an instant, and white steam heat waves surged wildly.
This time the two sides did not cross paths. Instead, when they were about to collide, they turned to the right at the same time and widened the distance.
Apparently both sides realized that they could not gain any advantage in close combat. You have sharp teeth, and so do I. You have sharp claws, and I cannot live without them. If you keep entangled, you will end up hurting b