e are even exorcists who attack the exorcists around them in order to steal monsters. As a result, the number of demons is slowly decreasing, but the ones who died are all small minions, and the exorcists are also dying. Because there were originally more demons than exorcists, the exorcists were gradually pushed closer to the city wall by the demon vanguard.
Among the demon troops, the giant man at the forefront was the most fierce and brave. He wielded a giant hammer that was two or three times bigger than himself. He was invincible and invincible. No exorcist could stop him. A hammer. At this moment, he picked up the giant hammer and swept around, and the group of exorcists who were alive were blown away by a gust of earth-colored wind. The other exorcists were all frightened when they saw it. Moreover, some exorcists who had had enough money quietly withdrew from the battlefield.
“Hahaha!” The giant man raised his giant hammer and smashed it to the ground with a roar. Suddenly the earth dragon turned over and the earth trembled. A crack tore open on the ground, spreading forward with a “click”. Some exorcists who had no time to dodge were sent flying again.
This crack in the earth actually extended to the edge of the city’s moat. If a golden light barrier hadn’t suddenly appeared on the moat, the crack might have extended all the way to the city wall and directly broken through the city wall.
“Coward! Coward! Hahaha!” The giant man’s ferocious nature was revealed. He looked up to the sky and laughed loudly. His body swelled up again, his muscles bulged, and his black hair grew wildly. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a human-shaped giant bear. , “Kill! Kill! Kill with all your heart! Oh ah ah ah!!”
With a wave of the giant hammer, he ran towards the city wall. One big step at a time, a trembling step at a time.
/Even Yin Kuang and others who were far away on the city wall could feel a powerful force coming like a mountain torrent and tsunami.
“Archers! Crossbowmen! Attack! Attack! Stop it!” Deputy General Zhang roared loudly.
A group of well-trained sergeants shouted in unison, then took out their bows, drew arrows, and took aim! Every movement is clean and neat!
The next moment, a hail of arrows rained down from the city wall. The sound of sharp arrows whistling is endless.
“Roar!” The giant bear man ran wildly, not caring about the arrows in the sky. When he was approaching the moat, he jumped up in vain, rising several feet from the ground, and the huge hammer was also high above the top, “Break it! !”
“What an evil! How dare you do something wrong!”
Suddenly, a loud shout rang out, and a black shadow was seen directly crossing the city wall and rushing towards the giant bear man.
Three golden rays of light flew out from the black shadow and shot straight away!
Boom! Boom! Boom!
Three rays of golden light fiercely hit the giant bear man’s hammer, making three weird loud noises in succession, as if they were beating an iron drum. The sound of breaking waves was centere