“crash”, Yin Kuang and the others felt a sound of water breaking from behind, and a strange cry of triumph.
Immediately afterwards, Yin Kuang and others felt a shadow covering the sky above their heads. The next moment, Yin Kuang felt like he was being washed away by a strong stream of water.
/The sudden tsunami impact directly rushed Yin Kuang and others out of the small fishing village. Even Wang Ning, who had the fastest reaction, was not immune. But the problem is, Yin Kuang and others are not afraid of the impact of running water alone. After all, after wallowing in college for so long, it would be unreasonable to be unable to withstand the impact of running water.
However, what really makes Yin Kuang and others nervous is the “thing” in the water. There were actually many earthworm-like things mixed in the turbulent water, swarming up crazily to entangle the hands, feet, and bodies of Yin Kuang and others, and tried to penetrate into the nostrils, mouths, ears, etc. of Yin Kuang and others. This shocked Yin Kuang and others into a cold sweat and made their hair stand on end. As a result, they didn’t even bother to resist the impact of the running water, and allowed their bodies to be hit by the running water. More energy is focused on dealing with those “earthworms”. The purple dragon’s soul power burned, its dark energy trembled, its mind power repulsed, and its soul intimidation and other means were all used.
“Is this human flesh!?” Yin Kuang subconsciously wanted to throw the “meat strips” out. But as soon as the year flashed in his mind, he grabbed the “headline” tightly again.
“Yin Kuang (Li Shuangmu), are you okay?” The anxious voices of Qian Qianqian and others suddenly came to mind in the shared consciousness. Yin Kuang replied “It’s okay”. Immediately afterwards, Li Shuangmu, Lu Xialeng, and Wang Ning emerged from the water one after another. Wang Ning said angrily: “What the hell are these!” Yin Kuang said: “Vermicelli made from human flesh!” When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but feel horrified.
Yin Kuang narrowed his eyes, and a ball of purple dragon soul flame appeared in his hand. The “human flesh vermicelli” was instantly cut off, and he said: “I know! Let’s go back and deal with the monster! Hong Zhong, Wei Pun, there’s no need to wait any longer. , I have figured out a way to deal with it. Now I’ll give you a chance to show off!”
Hong Zhong and Wei Pun, who were hiding in the back of the small fishing village, suddenly thought of Yin Kuang’s voice, and they looked at each other indifferently. Hong Zhong’s eyes seemed to be lamenting: It seems like nothing can be hidden from him. Look, are you embarrassed? Wei Xun rolled his eyes and replied to Yin Kuang, “What do you want us to do?”
“Drive all those fishermen out of the small fishing village. Those who won’t leave, kill them! But their bodies must be thrown far away. And , that little girl named Changsheng, don’t move for now!” Yin Kuang said coldly.
Hong Zhong wanted to ask “Why did you drive away the villagers?”, bu