” Father Han squatted down: “Come up, I’ll carry you.”
A figure soon appeared on the snow. A row of footprints stretches to the edge of the lake.
“Hey! This is the boss!” Martinez stepped on his skates. When he saw them coming, he turned 3690 degrees to show off his skills and shouted: “Han Xuan! Come here and compare!”
“You know how to bully children! Martinez.”
John shouted next to him, sliding to the lake and walking over, ready to wait for little Han Xuan to put on his shoes.
There were more than a hundred people on the lake. In addition to the cowboys in the ranch, there were also many people from the vegetable garden.
Lewis took the lead and led a dozen employees to quickly walk across Lake Rota in a line.
This is a rare annual entertainment event in Snow Mountain Ranch.
Kelly is full of childishness, and building a snowman with Joanna and others has begun to take shape. It seems that it has been a long time coming.
/Han Xuan changed his shoes, smiled and held Old John’s hand and stepped on.
“Lean forward! It’s like riding a bicycle!”
Since the past two days, the temperature has dropped to below zero. Today it is even colder, and the ice on the lake is very thick.
Four or five meters away from the shore, John slid backwards and shouted to Han loudly: “Lean forward! Control your center of gravity! You will learn it soon!” ”
“Hey , look, didn’t we make some progress this time? I think I skated at least five meters!”
“Yes! Four and a half meters of it was caused by my face rubbing on the ice!” After saying this, he seemed to be afraid that Old John wouldn’t believe it, and continued She pointed at her red face, loosened her scarf and sat on the ice.
Martinez acted mischievously, imitating the figure skating on TV, circling Han Xuan a few times, and said: “Why, after encountering such a little thing, is our little genius going to give up!?” ”
Damn it! Stop it! You think I don’t know, you just want to continue to laugh at me, right?”
If Han Xuan wasn’t so short, I would have punched him in the face. This weird winking look is really irritating.
“No, no, no, how about I teach you?” Martinez looked at Old John, slid to Han Xuan’s side and stopped, lowered his head and said: “His skills are not very good, I will teach you, it only takes 10 minutes.” Learn!”
“Huh? You’re in trouble, aren’t you? Why don’t you compete!”
/Hearing his words, John rolled up his sleeves and shouted in a loud voice: “Let’s compete to see who is faster. You lost to me the year before last! ”
Yes! Let’s compete with him! Martinez.”
Anderson shouted, turning to look around: “I’ll be the banker. Do you want to place bets? If you win, you get one for one! Five yuan at most.”
“I’ll bet five yuan .” , John wins!” Old Barton opened a hole in the ice for fishing not far away and shouted back after hearing his words.
“I’ll bet one dollar on Martinez.”
“Jones, you have such a vision! I will definitely not lose.”
Martinez’s face smiled and he heard Jones continue: “Help me give me another five dol