ome back, and then the September 11th incident was the final weight for him to make a decision.
/But I didn’t expect that there was something hidden in it?
“Last year, a little guy made a bet with me on whether he could win the Rookie of the Year Award. If he won, I would come back. As you can see, Michael, who always wins in every bet, lost this time.”
In front of a crowd of reporters . Under the swishy eyes, Jordan talked eloquently.
What he said immediately set the reporters’ heads in motion.
And soon, reporters knew who the little guy was.
Last year’s Rookie of the Year was Sun Hao!
Seeing the reporters whispering to each other, Jordan knew that his goal had been achieved.
“You should all know that little guy. Sun is the reason why I came back in the first place. He is a very interesting little guy.”
Jordan’s next words were even more direct.
It’s a pity that the reporters in the audience are all Americans and they can’t even say “fuck”.
But compared with the previous indifferent chats, this is definitely explosive news.
Because Jordan’s comeback has something to do with Sun Hao!
According to the inverse proposition in mathematics, if Sun Hao had not made this bet with Jordan, Jordan would not have come back!
In other words, they were able to see Jordan because of Sun Hao!
If the favorability level were to be displayed numerically, and the full score was 100, Sun Hao’s previous rating in their minds was probably around 70 to 80.
But after Jordan said this, most of his favorability ratings have soared to more than 90 or even 100!
During the press conference, it was the reporters in the audience who were bombarded.
By the time the press conference ended, the entire basketball circle was in a state of shock.
“I’m sorry, I don’t think there is any problem with Sun being the All-Star voting champion!”
“This time I fully support Sun being the voting champion, and no one can say anything!”
“If Sun is not the voting champion this year, I will be worried about him!”
In the forums in the United States, the fans’ trend has changed 180°.
Jordan didn’t mention a word in his press conference to canvass votes for Sun Hao, but what he said was more effective than a hundred or even a thousand words.
Because Jordan is the youth of almost all fans!
It was Sun Hao who gave them the opportunity to relive their youth!
Stern was stunned when he saw the news at night.
He couldn’t tell whether Jordan was telling the truth, or simply to confront him, or to win over Sun Hao.
Because every possibility exists.
It may even be not just one, but several possibilities mixed together.
But no matter what the reason is, what Jordan said in the press conference has completely changed the current direction of public opinion.
Although it made him uncomfortable, it helped him solve the current dilemma.
At least he won’t have such troubles this year, and it will be next year.
Thinking of this, he called Jordan back and said some words of thanks to him.
A man is capable of bending and stre