nd pressed the play button at the same time.
Wang Bo, Liao Xiaoqing and Tang Jian who were standing next to her surrounded the students on three floors inside and three outside. The students in front suddenly became quiet, as if they had earplugs in their ears, staring intently at those who were listening. Liao and Tang, but the people behind who didn’t know why kept pushing forward, shouting “I want to listen” and “I want to listen too”.
After a few minutes, a song was played.
“Doesn’t it sound good, Liao Xiaoqing?” “Bitch, how
/do you like it
?” “Give it to us, you two!”
Questions came from everywhere, and all eyes turned to Liao Xiaoqing and Tang Jian, who had just listened to the song.
Liao Xiaoqing remained silent, his eyes slightly closed, his expression happy and intoxicated, with a touch of sadness, as if he was still thinking about it. Tang Jian’s face immediately showed surprise and uncertainty. Without looking at it, he thrust the Sony in his hand into the hand of Han Lin who was closest to him. His mouth was trembling, and he was dancing and dancing at the same time, looking excited. He couldn’t find his way around, and finally grabbed Wang Bo’s arm and said incoherently:
“Brother Bobo, from now on I, I, I will be your little brother, okay, okay?”
Wang Bo directly flicked Tang Jian’s hand away from him. , “Angrily” said: “Fuck you! I don’t play dirty tricks!”
Liao Xiaoqing and Tang Jian, one obsessed and the other crazy, made the surrounding group of people who were already interested and waiting to listen to the song even more like adding fuel to the fire. , joined the fight for the other earplug in Han Lin’s hand.
“Han Lin, give it to me!”
“Give it to me, Han Lin!”
“Don’t crowd me, come one by one!” ”

The surging crowd pushed me, one after another, like the end of the world. Seeing living zombies in the world, they all stretched out toward Han Lin!
Such a battle “scared” Han Lin in the crowd, and also surprised Wang Bo at the center of the incident. He couldn’t laugh or cry. He quickly took out two tapes from his school bag and shouted: “Who still has a Walkman? There are still people here?” There are two sets!”
“I have it! I have it here!”
“I brought it, Brother Bo, give it to me!”
Two shouts rang out from the crowd. Wang Bo then handed over the two tapes. The male and female students surrounding him and Liao Xiaoqing also emptied out, and most of them disappeared in an instant.
Liao Xiaoqing finally came to his senses and looked at Wang Bo with a different look, his face flushed. “Is this the song you are going to sing at the National Day performance?” she asked.
“Yeah!” Wang Bo nodded, smiled “hehe” and asked, “Can you show me your hand?”
“It will definitely be a blockbuster!” Liao Xiaoqing nodded heavily.
Not only can I write songs, but I can also compose them!
Not only does he compose music, but he also arranges music! Even though they don’t know what an arrangement is.
Not only does he arrange the music, but he also sings it!
Not only did