e unscrupulously?
But this time Nelson misunderstood Nash.
Although Nash’s defense has not improved much, it has never regressed.
Although Parker is ranked low, he has both strength and talent, which is not comparable to ordinary rookies.
Sun Hao went over to communicate with Nash at this time, and the two of them switched defenses.
The Mavericks played fast and failed to score in a wave of attacks. When he turned around, Parker got the ball again and found that his defender had become Sun Hao.
There was a hint of nervousness and a hint of excitement in his eyes.
Well, that looks very much like the way Sun Hao saw Jordan.
Sun Hao also felt it immediately. It seemed that while Parker regarded him as his idol, he also wanted to defeat him.
Parker reached out to signal Duncan’s pick-and-roll, and then accelerated to break through.
Just like last round.
But Sun Hao is obviously not Nash, and he also knows Parker’s technical characteristics very well.
For this ball, he retreated directly to the free throw line in advance and blocked Parker.
No matter how fast Parker’s breakthrough speed is, he still needs space and acceleration distance.
Sun Hao sat in his passenger seat and braked hard for him.
And before he could make the next move, Sun Hao struck out like lightning and cut the ball out of his hand.
The ball was exchanged and the Spurs’ offense came to nothing!
The Spurs retreated quickly and gave the Mavericks no chance for a fast break.
Sun Hao didn’t rush to play the ball after seeing it. When he saw Parker was still there, he didn’t turn around.
“Tony, welcome to the NBA.”
Sun Hao spoke and brought him back to reality.
“Congratulations to the host for triggering the hidden mission: [God of Basketball].”
At this moment, the system prompt sounded in his mind.
“The old God of Basketball has been buried, and the new God of Basketball is awakening.”
“[God of Basketball] mission: win 6 NBA championships.”
“Mission reward: ‘God of Basketball’ badge: add one word A meal’s influence on the NBA will increase fans’ favor and increase more fanatical fans.”
From entering the NBA to now, Sun Hao has triggered a total of three hidden tasks.
And then this time, we have to win 6 NBA championships.
There is no pattern when viewed separately three times, and the level of difficulty is also very different.
But put together, you will find that this system is very much like an exploration game full of freedom.
You go left, open a door, and you’ll find a path.
You go right, open another door, and go to another road.
Originally, if Sun Hao could complete [Real and Fake Kobe Bryant], he would probably follow Kobe’s path.
Just like the real and fake Monkey King in “Journey to the West”, replacing Kobe.
But he failed to do it, and then after completing [The Twilight of Heroes], he embarked on another line.
/This line is also very clear, beat Jordan, and then follow the path that Jordan walked and become the new basketball god.
Even beyond.
Looking at it this wa