g Zhiyuan pretended to be angry and glared at Zeng Siqi, “Since I am your classmate, I should still say hello to your classmate, otherwise it would be too rude. Qiqi, let’s go , Guoqie, please introduce it to me. Let me say hello to your classmate!”
“Ah!” Zeng Siqi exclaimed and was petrified. My father was still doubting his words just now, thinking that he was a bad student who didn’t learn well, but now he was about to say hello to him. This, this change seems too huge, right? Besides, I just said goodbye to the other party, and now I’m going there again, I’m afraid it’s not good.
How embarrassing!
“Dad, let’s forget it. You don’t know me!” Zeng Siqi shrank her head and didn’t want to go.
“I don’t know him? Didn’t you say his name is Wang Bo? Besides, wouldn’t I know him if you introduce him to me? Come on, go ahead, let’s go say hello to your classmate. If we don’t meet him, we won’t say anything. If we do, we’ll say hello. It would be too rude to hit even one!” Zeng Zhiyuan pushed his daughter’s shoulder and said.
As soon as Zeng Siqi left, Xue Tao, Dong Zhen and Li Jing at the same table began to make noises, asking what the relationship between Wang Bo and Zeng Siqi was and whether they were acting like friends. Even his cousin Li Junhua curled up the corner of her mouth and stared at him with a scrutinizing and meaningful look, which made him feel cold all over.
/“Don’t talk nonsense! We are just ordinary classmates. It’s not as complicated as you think.” Wang Bo saw Zeng Siqi and her father grilling skewers in front of the barbecue stall outside. He was afraid that Zeng Siqi would hear what these people said, so he hurriedly whispered of blocking.
“Tch! Bobo, you think we didn’t go to high school? Ordinary classmates, just ordinary classmates, why would people take the initiative to come up and say hello to you? They are not shameless boys like you, but girls!” Dong Zhen said directly He said “cut” and made a mistake. She also noticed that Wang Bo’s classmates had not gone far, so she did not yell loudly, but lowered her voice.
/“Hey, Sister Zhen, Zeng Siqi and I are really ordinary classmates, eh, probably better than ordinary classmates. Didn’t No. 4 Middle School hold a cultural performance for the 50th anniversary of the National Day some time ago? I was pulled into a dance, Zeng Siqi I am also one of them. We have rehearsed Xiao Banyue’s dance together, so we are relatively familiar with it.” Wang Bo continued to explain in a low voice.
“Poof!” ”
When the others heard that Wang Bo said that he could also dance, they immediately became interested and started asking me questions with great interest, and the topic began to focus on Wang Bo’s “good at singing and dancing”. Compared with his “girlfriend”, several people are still more interested in Wang Bo’s “dancing skills”.
“Hey, didn’t I tell you that I was just trying to get on the shelves, and someone pulled me into a young man?” Seeing that the others were no longer joking about him and Zeng Siqi, Wang Bo immediately breathed a sigh