cause of Scarlett.
/The Mavericks only arranged training sessions in the morning, and the players rested in the afternoon to prepare for the game.
Scarlett went back to the hotel to rest first, while Sun Hao went to the arena to warm up in advance.
Although he has a system, it doesn’t matter at all that he hasn’t practiced much in the past two days.
But he didn’t want to look bad in front of Scarlett.
/Cuban bought a Boeing aircraft for the team during the offseason, but that was only part of his investment in the Mavericks.
He has also invested a lot of money in the renovation of the arena, and the current Route Center Arena is becoming more and more luxurious.
Moreover, a new auxiliary hall was built next to the arena for the visiting team to train.
After Sun Haojia took a shower after practicing and was about to leave, he walked over to take a look curiously.
They have already beaten the Lakers, and the Timberwolves are their biggest opponents.
Before Sun Hao could reach it, he heard Garnett’s voice from far away.
“Didn’t you eat lunch? Does the soft back slap tell me that you are a bitch?” “Are
you only able to shoot from the outside? You are a big man, lift up your big ass and give me a slap inside!”
” Hey! Don’t you understand who is the boss here? Don’t you understand me?”
I have to say that Garnett’s trash talk is truly unique.
There are other things in history such as “Happy Mother’s Day, don’t forget to greet him for me” said to Duncan during the game shortly after his mother passed away, and the most classic “Your wife tastes like a donut” to Anthony, Those even escape the realm of trash talk.
Even more exaggeratedly, when Szczerbiak was still a rookie, Garnett had a conflict with him. After saying, “Some people don’t know who the boss of this team is,” he punched the latter. Facade, then spat in his face.
Sun Hao felt that his ears were contaminated and was about to leave.
But at this moment, Garnett’s next words made him stop again.
“We are the best team this season, our goal is the championship, no team can stop us this season!”
This is not trash talk, it is starting to be chicken soup.
“Tonight, we are going to face a team that beat us by 58 points last season. Why don’t we win back?”
“Fuck Dallas, fuck the Mavericks, we are going to beat them hard. Ass!”
Putting aside the trash talk, Garnett’s mental attributes are still very high.
And the chicken soup is thick enough.
At the Airline Center Arena that night, the fan attendance was overwhelming.
The Mavericks have an outstanding record this season. Even with the September 11th incident, attendance remains high.
In addition, tonight’s opponent, the Timberwolves, is also one of the best teams this season. It is a strong matchup and the fans’ favorite game.
When Sun Hao was warming up at the scene, he saw Scarlett looking at him.
Well, the look in his eyes was exactly the same as when I looked at him at the training ground.
Sun Hao felt a sense of excitement that he had not seen for a long time.