hen slapped her loudly. It hit Mu Junyi on the face.
“Mu, we’re done.” Dong Zhen said the next sentence, turned around and left.
“Zhenzhen, forgive me! The one I like is really you! Last night, I broke up with Xiao Huang, completely. Please give me another chance.” Behind Dong Zhen, a voice sounded Mu Junyi shouted affectionately.
Dong Zhen did not go home after work, but went directly to Li Junhua’s home to find Li Junhua. In Li Junhua’s bedroom, Dong Zhen, who had endured it for a long time, burst into tears, accompanied by Li Junhua’s constant comfort and scolding and cursing of Mu Junyi. Until very late, Li Junhua planned to ask her mother Wang Jifeng to cook something for her and Dong Zhen, but Dong Zhen said she wanted to drink. Li Junhua then agreed to go to the old place and never return until he was drunk.
/Thank you!
“Damn it! That Mu Junyi really deserves to die! Break up! Sister Zhen, I support you, break up with that guy surnamed Mu! This kind of person is still trying to be friends, eating from the bowl and thinking about the pot. What is the scumbag here doing? Break up, break up firmly!” As soon as Li Junhua finished speaking, Wang Bo slammed the table, filled with righteous indignation, and said to Dong Zhen with the same hatred.
“Haha, Bo Bo, do you also think that Sister Zhen should really break up with that guy named Mu?” Dong Zhen looked at the furious Wang Bo and asked with a smile. But the smile on the other person’s face would be more accurate to say he was crying.
“Divide! Divide firmly!” Wang Bo said without hesitation.
/“Huahua, you see, even Xiaobo, who is as outstanding as Xiaobo and a genius, knows the truth of being single-minded and cannot be on both sides of the world. It’s ridiculous that the guy named Mu, who is so much older than Xiaobo, doesn’t understand this simplest thing. He still wants me to forgive him and give him another chance? Doesn’t he know that it’s hard to recover when water is poured out, and it’s hard to mend a broken mirror? Haha, it’s ridiculous, it’s really ridiculous! Bobo, sister, listen to you, break it up! And the guy named Mu Cut off the ‘scumbag’ in two pieces and never come back together!” Dong Zhen chuckled, but her red eyes were filled with tears. Dong Zhen laughed as she poured herself a glass of wine, then asked Wang Bo and Li Junhua to pour it too. Then she picked up the foaming beer glass in front of the table and drank it all in one gulp.
Wang Bo felt pitiful and ashamed at the same time. The words he just said were just words of comfort to Dong Zhen. He himself was actually not qualified to criticize Dong Zhen’s boyfriend Mu Junyi. Because if you want to say “scum”, compared with him who has already stepped on two or three boats and won several hearts, how can Mu Junyi, who has an affair with the little nurse, be considered “scum”?
The next time was the time for the two siblings to take turns comforting Dong Zhen and criticizing Mu Junyi. He and Li Junhua persuaded Dong Zhen to relax. With Dong Zhen’s conditions, what kind o