d” itself has also gone from being a shaky little magazine in the beginning, struggling to support itself, being abandoned like an outcast by the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, making it responsible for its own profits and losses, and going bankrupt in a matter of seconds, it has become the most profitable magazine in the entire Sichuan Province. ! By the end of 1999, the output value of “Science Fiction World” had reached 20 million yuan, and the magazine also began to acquire land and build buildings.
The popularity of the magazine is secondary to making money. The most direct consequence is to get rid of the long-standing shortage of manuscripts, which has brought about a surge and blowout of manuscripts! Now, almost every day, submissions from authors are packed in sacks. With only a few editors in the magazine, unless they are old authors who have published articles in the magazine and have made a name for themselves, it is almost impossible for a large number of new authors to read their manuscripts word for word. Just like the college entrance examination marking teacher, you can basically make a conclusion by reading the first one or two hundred words and whether to continue reading or throw it into the trash can.
For the large bags of manuscripts that come in every day, the editors of “Science Fiction World” will first select the manuscripts from old authors who submit directly to the designated editor. The remaining large number of unknown authors will usually be distributed evenly at will through the method of drawing lots.
Among the large bags of manuscripts today, there are no manuscripts submitted directly to my old author. Yao Junjun was a little disappointed. What he hoped for most was a manuscript from Liu Chixin, a dark horse in the science fiction world, who was favored by him and for which he himself was blessed. But since the other party came out with the sensational “Bring Her Eyes” in September, they still have no manuscripts, and they don’t know when they can come again.
/Two colleagues next door suddenly started cheering. In their hands, they received manuscripts from Wang Jinkang and He Xi respectively. He Xi is an old man in the science fiction circle. He started publishing works in 1991 and is one of the representative authors of China’s new generation of science fiction novels; and Wang Jinkang, not to mention, can be said to be the mainstay of “Science Fiction World” and the entire 1990s. A standard bearer in the science fiction circle of the era. Every time there is a submission from Lao Wang, the entire editorial department seems to have discovered something delicious, and everyone rushes to take a look.
/Yao Junjun yelled a few words in his unique northeastern accent, asking the two to read it quickly. After reading it, he passed the manuscript over, joined in the fun, and then started working on his own. He first took a rough look at the twenty or thirty emails that were distributed in his hands. The authors of the submissions were all over the place, from