d be like a group of bachelors, showing disdain and criticizing others. This kind of childish, idiotic and boring behavior is still quite envious deep down in my heart. However, when I was in college, I was poor and ambitious, and I wasn’t very good at chasing girls. I had two relationships, one secret love and another secret love, which ended in failure. I had no chance or the financial resources to pursue such a romantic move.
If you want to be romantic, waste it first! I want romance, but I don’t want to give up money. I want to have my cake and eat it too. Nothing in this world is that simple!
After graduation and working, Wang Bo had some money and the material foundation for romance, but after all, society was different from school, so he lost his romantic mood. And the most important thing is that the girls he came into contact with, including the wife he later married, were not his true love. It was just that as he got older, he was forced by various pressures from society and family to find someone to live with. In such a resigned state, his romantic actions are just like countless people, watching movies on special days, sending a handful of roses or other gifts, and eating a delicious dinner. That’s all.
However, Wang Bo, who is sentimental and sad for spring and autumn, is essentially a person who yearns for romance.
/In this life after rebirth, first of all, there is no shortage of money. Secondly, and most importantly, he really likes the person he admires and hopes to give him happiness and surprise. Liang Ya is a type that the more time you spend in contact with her, the more you will discover her good qualities. She is not pretentious, does not take advantage of her beauty to be arrogant, and treats strangers with the natural reserve of women. However, after getting to know her, she is very easy to get along with without any weird temper. Be considerate and have a kind personality. In short, after several months of contact, Wang Bo has never found any shortcomings or flaws in the girl that he hates. He really likes her. From the time the two of them came into contact until now, they have never blushed once, and this can be proven by having an argument.
After thinking about it for a day and a night, while his girlfriend was about to pass away, and to make up for the regret that he was a romantic person by nature, but had never done anything romantic in his entire middle school and college years, Wang Bo finally decided to do anything romantic in middle school. Be romantic!
At present, the most romantic thing that Wang Bo can think of, and one thing that is suitable for him to do in school is to use his title of “great talent” to personally “write” one or two songs for Liang Ya that are exclusive to each other. Not only Write, but also sing, not only sing, but also sing in public, sing to each other in front of the teachers and students of Class 9, so that the other party can listen to their own voice in front of everyone!
/Thinking about the New Year’s Day party on December 31st, I person