ouncil Hall has been built for more than three hundred years, and this is all the merits of the ancestors. “Later, in front of the finger, a tall Roman man wearing a red coat embroidered with complex patterns strode to greet him and said: “Your Excellency Shi Hongwei.
It seems that the Rangers have spread the news of your arrival back to Tate Capital, and the Viscount has sent Lord Hedlund to greet you.
“Really? Mr. Viscount is so kind. ” “The fake leader of the Chinese mission seems to have been influenced by Chinese thoughts since he was a child. He doesn’t care whether the Romans understand the so-called benevolence and propriety concepts of ‘people respect me one foot, and I respect others one foot’. His tone becomes more and more serious. He gently stopped the drop-shaped car and walked out of the carriage.
He smiled and bowed to the Roman man in red who was walking toward him. He said, “I am Shi Hongwei, the leader of the Earth China Diplomatic Investigation Team. I come to visit with respect and goodwill.” Viscount Tatedu. ”
Hello distinguished guests from a powerful and civilized foreign country, I am the assistant general manager of Viscount Tatdu, the full guardian of the Sidon Hills, Shire Mountain, and North Enit Plains, Wei Geer. Hedlund, on behalf of Lord Viscount, welcome you to the Tate Capital.
/The Viscount is already waiting to entertain all distinguished guests. Please follow me. “Coming to the white-haired old man from another world, the steward of Viscount Taterdu bent down further and said kindly.
“Okay, Lord Hedlund, let’s go quickly, don’t keep Lord Viscount Taterdu waiting. . “The leader of the fake Chinese mission nodded and said, leading a group of similarly fake Chinese diplomats and sectarian disciples to follow the Viscount General and walk towards the Taterdu Council Hall in the distance. After
entering the fortress, the group went straight to the third floor. Walking to the right, he came to two stone doors wrapped in long animal hair. Hedlund said slightly deliberately to the guard warrior who was wearing armor and holding a spear, standing like a sculpture: “The Viscount has been waiting for the Chinese nation. The distinguished guests have arrived and the door has not been opened. ”
/” Salute to the distinguished guest. “The mighty Roman warriors standing on both sides of the stone gate saluted a group of people from the fake mission and pushed open the stone gate with force, revealing a rough and majestic hall.
The hall is a rectangular structure, with a length of more than a hundred meters and a width of More than thirty meters long, more than a dozen stone pillars divided into two rows, and as thick as an adult Roman man’s arms, support the ceiling that looks like a single boulder, with hundreds of braziers suspended in mid-air by iron chains.
Under the blazing fire, sitting on a black iron throne inlaid with shining gems and gilded skulls at the end of the stone pillar, a fat Roman man wearing an animal skin cloak saw the people of the fake mission outside the