ses and magazines who invited him to write articles, and the conditions were incredibly good.
/These waves of reporters, as well as the publishers and magazines that came to him, made Wang Bo realize that he was probably the number one figure in some circles in China. So, after barely dealing with one or two waves of reporters and publishing units asking for interviews and cooperation, he was a little annoyed and left all these external affairs to his mother-in-law, Cheng Wenjin, and asked Cheng Wenjin to help him entertain or get in the way. .
Faced with Wang Bo’s shamelessness and asking for help again and again, Cheng Wenjin was helpless and wanted to refuse, but when she saw his “pitiful” appearance, she couldn’t bear it. Fortunately, the library is completely Qingshui Yamen, so she spends most of the day idle. And since the attempted infatuation happened to me last year, although I can’t say that I like my job very much, I don’t have much passion for it, but I don’t hate it either. It’s a generally passable job. Overnight, , she became uninterested, and even made her feel a faint sense of disgust. Therefore, in the face of Wang Bo’s repeated pleas, Cheng Wenjin lamented that she was “in trouble”, but she also felt relaxed and out of sight, out of mind, and far away from some beast and garbage in the museum.
On this day, after helping Wang Bo decline an invitation from a well-known domestic magazine, Cheng Wenjin returned home and while her daughter Liang Ya was going to study in the evening, she talked to her husband Liang Jingquan about the things she had done for Wang Bo recently. , immediately heard Liang Jingquan open his mouth, eyes widened, and said in disbelief:
/“What, five or six newspapers and magazines want to interview Wang Bo? And there are also first-class magazines like “Sanlian Life Weekly”? Several Publishers and magazines are rushing to request manuscripts from him?”
“Yes! Recently, for some reason, more and more people are looking for him. Maybe Xiaobo became famous in Shanghai, after the Chinese New Year period It was brewing, and it finally broke out as soon as the adults went to work and students started school. Today I went to the newspapers and magazines subscribed to by the library to check, and found many that published or reprinted his personal deeds.” Cheng Wenjin said.
In the past, in order to protect and respect the self-esteem of her husband, who is also a literary man, Cheng Wenjin did not talk too much about Wang Bo’s heroic deeds, including the signing of a contract with Writers Publishing House for his new work “The Wandering Earth” that Wang Bo was still writing a few years ago. Didn’t tell her husband. The reason why she brought it up today had another purpose, because she really couldn’t bear her daughter’s pleading.
Ever since Liang Jingquan’s attitude toward Wang Bo began to change, almost every day, Liang Ya would quietly ask her mother how she was doing playing drums with Wang Bo. What is her father’s attitude towards her being friends with Wang Bo? In this