” certificates he had received in elementary school, except that there was an additional gold-plated red leather certificate of honor, and began his journey since his rebirth. The most important speech so far:
“The afternoon before yesterday, in front of several media reporters and everyone here, I was extremely angry and issued an extremely angry ‘Four Statements’. Now, I have to say that I am going to break my promise. .”
/As soon as he said this, everyone in the audience burst into laughter. Some leaders on the stage who did not understand the situation were a little confused. They immediately looked around curiously and asked people on both sides about this. What statement did this little guy who talked without stage fright make?
“The ‘culprits’ that made me break my promise and become fat are undoubtedly the organizing committee and the judging panel of the New Concept Essay Contest. It is their generosity that contrasts with my narrow-mindedness; it is their tolerance that contrasts with my carelessness; it is their Disregarding past grudges reflected my youthful, frivolous, and impulsive nature. In front of the organizing committee and the jury who were generous, tolerant, and disregarding past grudges, I saw my narrow, calculating, and impulsive side. Therefore, I want to take back the angry attitude the afternoon before yesterday. I am extremely angry about the four statements issued by the organizer. Although there is a saying that ‘words spoken are like water that is thrown out, it is difficult to collect the water; there are also sayings such as ‘a manly man, keep his word, and every spit is like a nail’. , but I think you have to look at people and separate things. If you know it is wrong but still stick to it and insist on your own opinion, then you are not a man, but a reckless man who knows his mistakes and refuses to correct them. I don’t despise being a fool. ” Besides
, I don’t seem to be eighteen years old yet, so I can’t be considered a man or a real man. I have no intention of labeling myself as a man or a man, but I think I am not old enough. Therefore, Teacher Wang Meng, Teacher Tie Lin, Teacher Ye Xing, and Editor Zhao, just think that I was a childish talker yesterday and a brat without status. As for whether I am considered a child or a boy, I have the ID card issued to me by the People’s Republic of China as proof! “With that said, Wang Bo took out his identity from his pocket and raised it to the audience.
“Hahahahaha” there was another burst of laughter, followed by “papapapa” applause.
Everyone looked up to Huahuajiaozi. , people like Zhao Changtian hold him up so high, even though they are forced to take advantage of each other, but in terms of the result, it is consistent with his original intention and is of great benefit to him, so he still has to appreciate it. The best way to appreciate it. , is to admit one’s own mistakes and shortcomings, in order to highlight the “wiseness” and “guangweizheng” of the organizer and the jury.
In addition, Wang Bo also w