a mistake once or twice a day, it won’t end!”
Guan Ping was already used to Wang Bo’s tendency to ask for leave at every turn, and thought he didn’t want to go to class today, so she didn’t take it seriously. But Jiang Mei knew that things were not that simple. While Guan Ping went to the bathroom, Jiang Mei came to Wang Bo’s sofa and sat down, whispering to Wang Bo: “Bo’er, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. I won’t do stupid things again. You go to school. .After today is over, I will go out to find a job tomorrow.”
But what about that person? The person she once swore an oath to was the one she loved the most. For him, she did not hesitate to force her father to die for him. After marrying into his family, she had always been patient when faced with her mother’s insults and insinuations, and never said a word back, even with tears in her eyes. In the four or five years she had been with him, especially the two years when she was in the big market, she had not encountered temptations from richer or more powerful men, but she had always scorned them and treated him with disdain. People with the surname Zhang are extremely loyal.
But what’s the result?
As a result, the husband and wife were separated, and both men and money were lost! If she hadn’t met the big boy in front of her who only had one night of love with her, she would have been hanging on a tree branch in a certain forest, turning into a ghost that was difficult to look at, floating in the wind.
The man who she had devoted all her feelings to almost drove her to a dead end; after a sudden indulgence, the boy who was not her relative saved her from fire and water twice, and is still concerned about her safety to this day. After lamenting, there was an extreme feeling that penetrated into the soul, and suddenly emerged from the depths of Jiang Mei’s heart.
“Thank you.” Jiang Mei put her other hand on Wang Bo’s palm and let him hold it. Her unswollen eyes flashed with tears, and she wanted to cry again.
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/“Oh, I’m telling you the truth, but you think I’m talking about a fairy tale. Well, you don’t believe that I’m self-taught, right? I’m going to do it today Let you be convinced!” Wang Bo rolled up his sleeves and said with an “unconvinced” look on his face.
“Then how do you prove it, Bo’er?” Guan Ping has always been happy. Usually Wang Bo rarely does this, “Wang Bo sells melons and brags a