a cloudburst weighing several tons, which suddenly ignited the enthusiasm of readers in the entire library building. Even some readers who were not fans of Wang Bo’s books began to become interested in him and rushed to the people waiting in line. I inquired about him, and after being bombarded with countless stories about his heroic deeds by book fans, I soon joined the crowd of book buyers.
/Wang Bo’s fans who were originally his fans were talking a lot, excited, shocked, and sighed at Wang Bo’s super talent and peerless talent. The eyes they looked at Wang Bo suddenly changed, becoming excited and enthusiastic, with incomparable emotion. of worship!
Especially some primary and secondary school students who are not too old and love music at the same time, look at their “brother Zian” with eyes that can no longer be described as admiration. They are completely obsessed, to the point of intoxication and obsession!
The thirty lucky people in front took the CD and left happily amid the envy, jealousy and hatred of countless people behind. The book fans who had no chance later began to clamor, and many people began to beg Wang Bo to give away more, even if they had to buy them with money. This is Wang Zi’an’s debut work. It is most likely a limited edition hand-engraved by him, rather than a mass-distributed assembly line industrial product. It is too valuable for collection and commemoration.
The requests of book fans were naturally declined by Wang Bo. Just kidding, even if he took out all 300 CDs prepared for five cities, it wouldn’t be enough. So, what difference would it make if he added dozens more? It is a drop in the bucket and will only make more people dissatisfied.
However, although Wang Bo refused, he did not cut off the last bit of thoughts from others. Hearing the noise below, he took the opportunity to pick up the microphone at hand and told the book fans in the hall that he had uploaded his song “Meeting” On the two Chinese music websites “Jiutian Music Network” and “nowok Music Listening Hall”, friends who like music can listen online.
Since I can’t grab the CD, I have no choice but to settle for this time. As a result, as soon as Wang Bo finished speaking, many people began to take notes on the music website Wang Bo mentioned. Those who didn’t bring paper could even write directly on the back of their hands.
The music episode passed, and the effect was surprisingly good, which Wang Bo didn’t even expect. This is normal, there are many people who can write books, and there are many people who can compose music, but they can write books and novels at the same time, and both books and novels are top-notch, perfect people, but they have never heard of it. Having said that, for many people, it is nothing short of a miracle!
/Wang Bo also began to “regret”. If he had known that the CDs he made were so popular, he should have carved hundreds or thousands of them and sold them for 20 yuan each, and they didn’t come with a case.
At the same time, Wang Bo also began to long for it. When he trave