n Sakura nodded, I agree.
After setting the goal, the next step is to wait for the opportunity. Then most of the Wanjie and Japanese students were sent to explore the road between Luoyang and Chang’an. Wang Yue’s mission was to assassinate Dong Zhuo, while the mission of others was to assassinate the main generals under Dong Zhuo’s command, such as Li Ru, Li Su, Li Jue, Guo Si, etc. Therefore, the location of the assassination must be chosen well. Of course, this is based on Dong Zhuo’s move of the capital. It would have been better if Dong Zhuo did not move the capital. Anyway, the residence of the main targets has been found out, and they are waiting for them to be buried in the urn.
/In this way, two days passed peacefully. On this day, the 100,000 troops led by Dong Zhuo (actually less than that, just so-called) returned to Luoyang, and except for the Flying Bear Army, they were all stationed outside the city. Then Dong Zhuo rushed into the palace without stopping and summoned all civil and military officials.
Move the capital!
What? There is no emperor, so why move to the capital?
With one strike of the sword, a head fell to the ground. After a few more stubborn donkeys clamored and were killed, the court became quiet. After that, no one objected to Dong Zhuo moving the capital.
As a result, a new storm was brewing in the ancient capital of Luoyang.
Dong Zhuo’s toughness and determination to move the capital far exceeded everyone’s imagination! On the same day when the troops returned to the court, Dong Zhuo almost escorted the civil and military ministers of the Manchu Dynasty to the palace hall, and spoke of his words. Those who spoke out against it were all killed. When no one objected anymore, Dong Zhuo left with a smile.
In a nutshell: Luoyang’s luck is gone, and its new luck is in Chang’an, which is more suitable as a capital. Dong Xiangguo was so wise and powerful that he decided to move the capital to Chang’an. All of you must pack your things within three days and let Lieutenant Dong go. Those who dare to oppose will be disobeying the destiny and bringing about their own destruction.
As soon as the proclamation was posted, the troops stationed outside the four gates rushed into the city, smashed the doors of every house, and beat anyone who delayed with sticks to death. For a time, Luoyang was filled with mourners under the clouds and was in chaos. Countless crimes such as robbery, murder, rape, and arson were performed in this century-old capital.
/In the words of the original work, it is: “Each people team, one team of soldiers, dragged each other; countless people died in the ravines. They also let the soldiers rape wives and daughters, and seize people’s food; the sound of crying shook the heaven and earth. Such as If anyone walks late, three thousand troops behind them will rush to supervise them. The soldiers, armed with white blades, will kill people on the road.” It was truly a scene of the end of the world.
At this time, a total of five people, Yin Kuang, Tang Rouyu,