onal University of Defense Technology and served as an officer in a certain army for two years, got married to his beautiful girlfriend who danced in the Sifang Song and Dance Troupe. He and several classmates from Class 7 went to Li Junfeng’s rural hometown for a wedding banquet. At the wedding, Li Junfeng wore a brand-new People’s Liberation Army Army dress, and his wife wore a white wedding dress. Under the witness and blessings of countless relatives, friends, classmates and comrades, he and the beautiful bride, who looked a bit like Sun Li, embraced each other affectionately. For a time, he envied countless people, including Wang Bo, who had just fallen out of love and was kicked by his girlfriend.
At the banquet, the bride and groom led their parents to toast to relatives and friends. Wang Bo, the bride’s parents, had no impression of them, but Li Junfeng’s parents had a deep impression on him. He still remembers them as two honest, kind, hospitable old people. The two elderly people with gray hair on their temples but beaming with joy asked Wang Bo and the others to be welcome. After lunch, while drinking tea at a teahouse near the restaurant, his father and mother also came to say hello many times. His father held a cigarette and a fire, and her mother held melon seeds and candies, filling the table where Wang Bo and others sat around with food. After they left in the afternoon, the two old men, together with their son and daughter-in-law, sent their son’s high school classmates to the intersection so that they could come and play when they had time.
That was the last time Wang Bo saw Li Junfeng and his song and dance troupe wife in his previous life. A few years later, Wang Bo got married and held a banquet in his hometown in the countryside. At that time, he wanted to invite Li Junfeng and his wife. But I heard from Zhang Minghua, who went to the same school from elementary school to high school and stayed in Sifang after graduating from college. He was a good actor and said that Li Junfeng is very good now. Those who go to and from Sifang and Deshi are officials and high school students. A group of classmates who were living in a sluggish manner moved around very little. Wang Bo then gave up the idea of ??inviting the other party to a drink.
These past events flew past Wang Bo’s eyes like turning pages on a calendar, making him feel sad and dejected. Unknowingly, his eyes even turned a little red, making Wang Bo laugh at himself secretly. He was shedding crocodile tears again.
His strange behavior was quickly noticed by the three of them. The three of them looked at each other and kept silent. After a while, they started to change the topic to other places. Everyone is thinking that Wang Bo is emotional and kind.
Seeing Wang Bo’s sad look, Han Lin’s heart even skipped a beat, and she had the urge to hug him into her arms and pat him on the back.
/He didn’t know, really didn’t know, and didn’t really want to know.
“Hello, Li Junfeng!
“You and I could have been good friends, just like Lin Wenj