of all sizes as usual. As time went by, it was almost six o’clock.
Cheng Wenjin went out at half past four, alone. Family members can be brought to the group visit, but unfortunately tonight is also a group visit for the faculty and staff of Yongcheng Middle School. As the dean of Yongcheng Middle School, her husband Liang Jingquan, who is considered a leader, was not able to join her.
Of course, even if Yongcheng Middle School doesn’t hold a group meeting today, Cheng Wenjin’s husband will probably not follow her to eat at the Cultural Bureau. The two of them had a conflict because of Wang Bo last time, and now they still refuse to give in to each other. There is no telling when the Cold War will end.
As for her daughter Liang Ya, she was booked by her husband in advance. While she was still putting on light makeup at home, she was pulled out by Liang Jingquan.
Therefore, Cheng Wenjin went to the meeting alone tonight.
After going downstairs, Cheng Wenjin walked directly towards the carport. Before he could get closer, he suddenly thought that he would drink some wine tonight. It would be unsafe to ride a bicycle after drinking. So, Cheng Wenjin walked straight out of the community and stood on the roadside, planning to take a taxi. taxi.
/She stood at the intersection of the family area for at least a quarter of an hour. She encountered several taxis, but unfortunately none of them were empty.
“It seems that it’s the end of the year. Everyone’s pockets are bulging, and they can travel more comfortably!” Cheng Wenjin thought to herself. She glanced at the small silver watch on her left wrist. It was already four-fifty, the time before the group visit started. Ten minutes left.
At this time, an empty human-powered three-wheeler rode over. Cheng Wenjin looked back and forth and saw no sign of a taxi. She gritted her teeth and simply waved.
Riding a human-powered three-wheeler in the winter is not a pleasant experience. The whistling cold wind blew in her face, like a knife cutting through the gaps between the cuffs, collar, and buttons, and penetrated into Cheng Wenjin’s body, making her shiver several times.
“Master, can you ride a little slower?” Cheng Wenjin, who was shivering with cold arms and hands on his shoulders, shouted to the rickshaw master who was pedaling hard. However, the other party didn’t know whether he didn’t hear it or he deliberately pretended not to hear it. He didn’t move at all and just kept rushing forward. Cheng Wenjin wanted to remind the other party again, but suddenly a Santana passed by, and a sharp voice floated out:
“Wenjin, let’s take our car! Master, stop the car quickly.”
/Cheng Wenjin turned around and called to herself It was none other than Du Jing, a colleague from the work unit. At this time, Du Jing was sticking her head out of the passenger window, waving to her, and at the same time loudly yelled at the rickshaw master to stop.
With a “squeak” sound, the rickshaw master in a blue vest pressed the handbrake in front of him and stopped the