s are extremely ordinary workers who work in ordinary local factories. The house in their home is also similar to the apartment building where Wang Bo lives, but it is not so big and only has two rooms. The decoration, furniture and appliances at home are not as good as Wang Bo’s. They have been used for many years and have not been replaced. Most of the savings their parents had accumulated over the years helped them go to college, leaving little money to renovate their homes and get rid of old furniture and appliances.
Therefore, when the two of them saw the spacious and “luxurious” house where Wang Bo and his sister usually lived, they were somewhat surprised, and there was also some envy in their eyes.
Wang Bo took his two daughters on a general tour of the home he had just bought, and finally returned to the living room.
“Sister Youyou, Sister Tingting, what do you want to drink? There is coconut milk, orange juice, cola and coffee in the refrigerator.” Wang Bo said to the two girls.
“I’ll drink a can of coconut milk, Zian.” Ma Liting said with a smile.
“I’m just like Sister Tingting.” Fang You also asked for coconut milk.
Wang Bo took three cans of coconut milk from the refrigerator, one for each person. Turn on the TV with the remote control panel, adjust a random station, and adjust the sound of the TV to a level that does not affect people’s speech. Then, he pulled off the easy-pull ring of the coconut milk can in his hand, took a sip of the cool coconut milk, pondered for a moment, then raised his head and said to the two girls: “Sister Tingting, sister Youyou, tonight, you will sleep in my room.” Let’s get a big bed. I’ll sleep in my sister’s room.”
“Yeah, okay.” The two of them nodded with natural expressions and no objections. When Wang Bo saw it, he felt somewhat disappointed. As soon as he entered the house, his mind couldn’t help but start to think about that snowy night three months ago. He and two women, plus Hu Xiaoqin, He Yunxiang, a man and four women, slept together in two beds put together. The scene on the big bed is charming and romantic, making people blush and get their blood pumping. What a nostalgic night!
Fang You and Ma Liting sat on the couch facing the TV, while Wang Bo sat on the single sofa next to them. The three of them continued chatting while watching TV. About twenty minutes later, Wang Bo’s belly felt swollen, so he said sorry to the two of them and hurried to the bathroom to drain the water.
After draining the water, washing his hands, and returning to the living room, Wang Bo saw the two girls who were sitting on the sofa starting to fight. Wang Bo looked at the expressions of the two of them. Ma Liting was okay and relatively normal, but Fang You’s soft and fair face turned as red as a monkey’s butt.
/“What are you talking about? Are you having such a good time?” Wang Bo asked curiously.
“Hehe, Zian, I was just discussing with your sister Youyou how to arrange things tonight. Your sister Youyou has a lot of secret things to tell you that you don’t