and often act coquettishly in front of him.
But the woman in front of her was somewhat the opposite. Ever since she did that kind of thing with him, Cheng Wenxuan, who used to be more natural and casual, became more afraid of him and became more cautious, as if he was some monster who chooses people to devour. .
Did you go too far last night?
Seeing the woman’s trembling and cautious appearance since she got up in the morning, Wang Bo had a sudden idea.
Or maybe the other party is worried that he will harass her in the future? End it with her and then affect her family?
Wang Bo raised his eyebrows slightly, and then thought that what the other party was worried about might actually be the latter.
After thinking about it, no matter what the reason was for the woman to change her attitude, Wang Bo decided to loosen her ties and draw a boundary for how to get along with each other in the future.
“What Aunt Xuan I told you last night, I will try my best to abide by and tell what happened to us last night and this morning. It was a dream I had at that time, an incomparably wonderful and wonderful thing that can only be found in the deepest dreams. A sweet dream that only appears inside! So, please don’t worry about our future interactions, okay? As it was before, we will still be the same in the future.” ”
/Oh, okay, okay!” Cheng Wenxuan nodded, still as mechanical as before . Wang Bo used his peripheral vision to observe the expression on the woman’s face, and found that the woman seemed relieved, a little surprised and confused, and seemed to feel faintly disappointed.
In short, it is very complicated.
So, Wang Bo opened his mouth and wanted to explain a few more sentences, but he didn’t know where to start. Moreover, the car has entered the diverter leading to the terminal.
The Capital Airport is already in sight.
When he arrived at the airport, Wang Bo took Cheng Wenxuan’s suitcase out of the trunk and smiled as he looked at the woman in front of him who had been with him a few times and made him infinitely relaxed and happy both physically and mentally. Said:
“Take care along the way, Aunt Xuan. When you get home, give me a call to report that you are safe.”
“Oh, okay.” Cheng Wenxuan nodded, her eyes were red, and her expression was unprecedentedly miserable, as if she was about to cry. .
Wang Bo sighed, no longer caring about promises or not, he walked up to the woman and hugged her, patted her back hard, and said emotionally: “Thank you, Wen Xuan. Last night and today This morning, I will never forget it in my life.” After saying that, Wang Bo did not look at the woman’s expression, turned back to the driver’s seat where the engine was not turned off, put the car in gear, released the clutch, stepped on the accelerator, and quickly left the airport.
On the way back to the city, Wang Bo felt a little heavy. The complicated expression on Cheng Wenxuan’s face when she said goodbye has always made him a little bit difficult to let go.
Needless to say, he didn’t have any love for Cheng W