uture daughter-in-law for food, asking about Liang Ya’s preferences, and then put away his smile and “glared”. Told Wang Bo not to only care about himself, but to take more care of Xiaoya.
Liang Ya was so moved by the thoughtfulness and enthusiasm of Wang Bo’s family that her eyes became moist with excitement. Since her father’s death, this kind of family warmth and warmth seemed to have left her. Of course her mother Cheng Wenjin loved her, and she loved her even more than Liang Jingquan did before his death. However, she, who is going to college, and her mother, who is busy with her career, usually spend less time together and stay apart more often. Even if she gets together with her mother briefly, without her father in the house, she and her mother are alone, which makes her feel even more desolate. It had been a long time since she had experienced the lively, loving family atmosphere in front of her.
/Moreover, although they got along for a short time, she knew that the smiling faces and enthusiasm shown by Wang Bo’s family in front of her were not intentional, but it was their nature. Wang Bo has said more than once that his parents are kind and reasonable. His stepfather and his mother had been together for nearly ten years, and the two had almost never had a quarrel or blush. In the past, Liang Ya still didn’t believe it, thinking that this was an exaggeration by her boyfriend, because her parents were both college students, educated and well-educated intellectuals. Just before her father passed away, the two had a cold war and even exchanged bad words. They sat there and ignored each other for several months. She didn’t believe that Wang Bo’s parents, who were said to have never read a book and couldn’t read a few Chinese characters, would live in peace for a long time. As far as she knows, the real situation is that many couples in rural areas often quarrel and even fight because of their education and quality. The men beat the women until their noses are bruised and swollen, and the women scratch the men’s faces until they are all bruised. It’s some kind of normalcy.
A happy family, a family that loves each other, always laughing, but also a family with some uncontrollable humor. Feeling the warm hospitality of Wang Bo’s family, Liang Ya silently made up her mind that she must be kind to him in her life. Well, be good to his family!
Liang Ya stayed in Sifang for two days. During the two days, Wang Bo planned to drive the girl to the surrounding scenic spots, but Liang Ya didn’t want to go and said she could stay in Sifang. After getting over the initial nervousness and uneasiness, she had become close to Wang Bo’s parents and god-sister. She also helped Wang Bo’s mother Zeng Fanyu with housework at home, such as scooping rice, washing dishes after meals, etc. Wang Bo’s mother laughed so hard that she felt that the girlfriend her son had found was too sensible. Such a handsome, beautiful, fairy-like girl, yet so diligent and not lazy, I am afraid my son will be blessed in the future.
“Hey, you did a