d coughed lightly: “You are right, but this ranch has nothing to do with my father.” “I am
also leaving home to work hard now. My family insists that I have accomplished nothing, so I need to show them how good I am. That’s it!”
This sentence touched upon Orlando’s sad past. There was a sad and angry expression on his face when he spoke. The secretary behind him clearly agreed. He lowered his head to look at the fat man and covered his face with his briefcase, as if he was snickering.
“So you don’t have a company now? You have no connection with Sentai? Then how do you buy cattle.” Justin had been paying attention to him and understood the meaning.
The fat man said proudly: “Buy it and sell it to my dad. What do you think of this idea? It’s not bad!”
Han Xuan suddenly didn’t know what to say. He was shocked by his powerful thinking. He looked at his father and thought: ” This is a scam, right!”
He sat down next to Orlando and turned around and asked, “Then why are you here? I remember Sentai was in Arkansas.”
“My uncle is the Minister of Agriculture in Montana. Time has told him, and he will tell me if there is good beef in the nearby states.” ”
That’s it, how much did you buy, Orlando.”
“I have been to a few ranches before, and they don’t seem to agree with my approach. How about cooperation? I’m very optimistic about your ranch.”
“How do you do it?”
“Give me the goods first and then the money. My dad stopped my credit card.”
“Hey! You can’t do this. I came first. !” Austin said hurriedly.
“Then it all depends on the price, right, Stephanie, this is the right business to do, right?” The fat man turned back and lay on the back of the sofa, stretched his head and asked the housekeeper.
Several people sitting there were shocked. Stephanie was not surprised and nodded seriously. When the fat man turned around, he smiled apologetically at them.
“I checked the information and found that the price of beef in the United States is around 2 US dollars recently. I can pay 2.2 US dollars.” After speaking, Orlando looked through the documents on the coffee table, confirmed twice and found that it was correct, and looked at Father Han seriously.
Justin pinched his temples speechlessly. What was originally a good deal was now a little troubled by this troublemaker: “That’s ordinary Grade 2 beef on the market!”
“Does that mean the one here is Grade 1?”
/The fat man’s eyes lit up. He quickly picked up the file and looked for something quickly. After a while, he turned around and shouted: “Oh God! My dad said that first-class meat is the most profitable! Stephanie, help me look where it is, the writing in it is too messy!”
Father Han had quit smoking for many years. At this time, he suddenly had the idea of ??smoking a cigarette to calm down his panic. He lay on the backrest and said, “Albert, Justin, let’s continue.” ”
Hey! Hey!”
“You came to buy it last year. The average meat from an Angus cow is US$4.1 per pound. The price of beef has increased by 5% this year, and the proportion of Grade 1