EO of “Blog China” showed Wang Bo the reports and comments about him and the company from “News Network” and “People’s Daily”, he only glanced at them briefly and immediately slapped his thigh and cheered loudly. Then he told Li Qing:
“Mr. Li, find someone to quickly frame the reports from “Xinwen Lianbo” and “People’s Daily” and hang them in the most conspicuous place in the company. I’ll see who else comes in the future who won’t open their eyes. Check our company’s water meter!”
“Haha, okay, Mr. Wang, you are thinking the same as me, I will arrange for the people below to do it.” Li Qing chuckled, and was impressed by Wang Bo’s political sense and acumen. Surprised and admired.
/“Haha, we are called heroes who think alike. But Mr. Li, ‘Blog China’ has been on “News Network” and “People’s Daily”. There are good things and bad things. The good thing is that ordinary cats and dogs will not dare to mess with us in the future. There will be less unnecessary troubles; the ‘bad things’ are the concerns, condolences, guidance and inspections from district and city leaders, which will probably come one after another. I’m afraid we won’t have any leisure time in the future!” Wang Bo He laughed and said he behaved well after getting an advantage.
The reports of “Xinwen Lianbo” and “People’s Daily”, or in other words, set the tone, directly attracted attention to Wang Bo and “Blog China”, and the reports reached the highest // tide! Countless parents began to use Wang Bo to educate their children, asking them to learn from Wang Bo Zizian and follow Wang Bo Zizian as an example. They should not be happy for things or feel sad for themselves, but should be determined and have great ambitions!
At the same time, the success of “some people” is just a special case and cannot represent the whole of China. How is the environment in China? Is it suitable for the growth of talents? You don’t have to look at any one person. Just go to the entrance of the US Embassy in the capital and see how many students from Peking University and Tsinghua University are queuing up to apply for overseas visas.
The other party did not name him, saying that he was Wang Bo and Wang Bo, but it was self-evident who he was targeting.
All reports on Wang Bo’s new billionaire status are mostly positive and positive, especially after the tone set above.
However, the pool is big, and there are all kinds of bastards. Among the overwhelming harmonious voices, there are also some disharmonious weird tones and different sounds just to attract attention, or to oppose for the sake of opposition. For example, some people are sour in the media. I would like to speak out on the forum and tell everyone not to be too happy too soon, and not to be too eager to learn from certain people. Be careful and learn incorrectly! Working on the Internet is not about doing business. There are too many people who have become rich overnight, but there are also countless people who have fallen off the altar overnight. For example, Ding San of Internet One, whose stock pric