fter all, it is already autumn.
In the past, if the song ended and everyone went home alone late at night, Wang Bo would definitely feel alone and lonely. Now he rarely feels this kind of loneliness. No matter day or night, he is extremely fulfilled.
On the way home, Wang Bo thought about today’s social activities in the two dormitories. He thought of the activeness of several bachelors during meals and singing, and the lively interactions with several freshman girls. He felt a sense of relief and felt that his Time and money were not wasted.
/However, when he thought of Luo Lin being too attentive and too sensible to him, Huang Liang turned a blind eye to it. Instead, he was content with himself and looked like he had a chance to win. Wang Bo couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. If in his previous life he was somewhat envious when he saw Huang Liang hooking up with a beautiful freshman girl, in this life, he sincerely hoped that Huang Liang’s dream would come true and that one day he would be able to call Luo Lin “Brother and sister”.
However, Wang Bo himself knew very well that his hope would probably be a fantasy.
“I hope the blow to Liangshuai won’t be too great when the time comes.” Wang Bo shook his head and shook off the disturbing thoughts. In this world, everything can be forced and fought for, but relationships that require the cooperation of two people are difficult to fight for. If Huang Liang didn’t get rid of some of his problems and habits, or if he didn’t suffer two setbacks and lessons, it would be difficult for him to understand what women today need.
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“Stinky guy, have you gotten up? The sun is shining!”
“Is it Xiaoya? Is the sun shining?” Wang Bo opened his hazy sleepy eyes and first reached out to touch the bed next to him. The bed was cold. Jiang Mei was not there and had already gone out. Then she glanced at the window. It was gloomy outside. How could there be any sun?
“Giggle, giggle” came the girl’s silver bell-like laughter on the phone, “It’s because the sun hasn’t risen and it’s cloudy today! But I don’t say that. Do you know how to get up? Get up quickly, you bastard. Jiahui and I have already got on the bus. I will call you when we get to Sanxia Square and you will come down. After that, we will go to Zengsao Rice Noodles to eat Breakfast. It’s been a long time since I’ve had snacks from my hometown, so I miss them.”
Xiaoya and