urned around and jumped back to the same height.
Really what is looking up to.
Durant’s shot hit steadily.
In Sun Hao’s era, fans had a deep misconception about Durant, which was largely biased by the media: Durant in the early stages of his career was a very good shot.
In fact, this is what a hooligan says.
Regardless of the fact that Durant’s shooting percentage ranks high among rookies positioned as “scorers”, it is more important to analyze his scoring method.
The main reason for that is that his core strength in the early stages of his career, or it can be defined as his rookie season, was too poor!
His shots without confrontation or light confrontation have always been accurate.
Or in other words, his shooting percentage doesn’t look very high, it’s not inaccurate, it’s unstable.
I couldn’t bench press 84KG even once during the trial training. This is the best evidence.
In contrast, the reason why Sun Hao was able to adapt to the intensity of NBA-level competition as soon as he entered the league was because he was already a small-time player in Europe.
Core strength, also known as confrontation, is very critical in high-level basketball games.
Then, Sun Hao directly entered the confrontation on the next goal.
He is here to improve his defensive skills, not to shoot.
Durant’s shot after the confrontation with Sun Hao was obviously not good. Although his shooting point was still high, the ball still hit the frame.
“Ball-holding ability and core strength are what you must strengthen later.”
Sun Haodun taught.
Durant nodded seriously and accepted the instruction sincerely.
In fact, Sun Hao has said this in previous training camps.
It’s just that a three-foot-long freeze doesn’t happen in a day, and Durant was still playing in the NCAA before, so he couldn’t train systematically, so his progress was slow.
At this moment, Baker on the sidelines coughed dryly.
Sun Hao was reminded and smiled and patted his head.
Today, he is not here to guide Durant in training like in the past, but to practice defense for himself.
Durant played another post-up game. Sun Hao did not fight this time, but tried to interfere with Durant’s shot in other ways.
Then Durant turned around and hit the ball again.
Even though he is just a rookie, “Reaper”‘s shooting talent is already at the ceiling level.
Anthony, who was watching from the sidelines, was also unusually envious.
He is not James, he does not have that kind of leadership ability, and he does not want to think of himself as a leader.
Even in the Pistons, “leadership” is not his turn at all.
/Therefore, the American team did not perform well in this World Championships, but his overall mood was still good.
After all, he has the single-game scoring record for the U.S. national team, and he is also the best player for the U.S. team.
It can even be said that this time after returning from the World Championships, his self-confidence is higher than ever before.
But seeing that Durant
shot highe