d recovered a lot. Confidence. Liang Ya stepped forward, took Zhong Jiahui’s arm again, sighed, and said with a bit of annoyance: ”
Oh, Jiahui, I don’t know what’s wrong with me during this time. I always feel a little worried about gains and losses. It’s all your fault for describing that Zheng Yan so well and confusing me! However, is Zheng Yan really as beautiful as you say? “The next moment, Liang Ya’s beautiful eyes full of annoyance changed again and became sparkling.
“Pretty enough, she’s almost as good as Xiaoya, and her figure is 168, only better than you. A little shorter, quite plump, and quite plump in some places. But the main thing is the temperament. There is really a charm that combines classical beauties and modern beauties. Alas, my vocabulary is limited and I can’t describe it well. How about going and taking a look now? Let you, the landlady, identify it yourself? “Zhong Jiahui smiled.
/“Go now? Aren’t you saying you’re afraid of disturbing them at work? “Liang Ya pouted. Only then did she realize that the guy next to her was praising her, and she immediately became humble, “What’s ‘almost catching up with me’? I’m not very pretty! In the eyes of many boys, you are the real beauty with a stylish appearance, right? ”
“Tsk” Zhong Jiahui chuckled, “Okay, Xiaoya, let’s not get along and flatter each other. There is no audience now. Let’s go, as you said, that guy Xiaobo can go to work and get off work at any time. Let’s go over and take a look. By the way, I have never looked at Zheng Yan up close. In the past, when I went to the study room, I only had a quick glance, but I didn’t get a real look at it. ”
/“Fine. Then go take a look. ”
The two girls held hands and walked through the Sun Plaza in front of the C foreign teaching building and entered the door of the international student apartment.
As soon as they entered the door, at the corner of the apartment building, the shadow of Wang Bo’s x5 appeared in their sight. The two girls So everyone breathed a sigh of relief, which showed that Wang Bo was still in the apartment.
When Zhong Jiahui and Liang Ya walked into the apartment hand in hand, Wang Bo was standing behind Zheng Yan’s desk, expressing himself to the cover of his new book sent from the publisher on the computer. Opinions. In the last life, the set of “The Three-Body Problem” published by zq Publishing Group had poor printing quality and ugly cover design. It was no different from the pirated goods on the street stalls. Compared with the English version of “The Three-Body Problem”, it was completely He complained about the sky and the earth countless times. This time he republished it in a fashionable way, with a cover that looked like science fiction at first glance.
“Here, the colors of the earth and the background of the universe tell the story The editors over there should make it darker for me. Since it is “Dark Forest”, it must live up to its name and create a lovely and livable blue earth without any smell of terror. What will it look like? ”
Okay, Mr. Wang. ” Z