finally spoke. In fact, Wen Liang knew that she had something on her mind from the moment they met, and he guessed it must be related to the night of her rebirth. After all, after so many days, if no clues can be found, Zuo Yuxi should give up the idea of ??revenge as soon as possible.
Wen Liang actually didn’t intend to get involved too deeply. The last time he gave her a warning, he had already done his best, but remembering the only few contacts between the two of them, he couldn’t make up his mind to leave.
“The green-skinned guy’s nickname is Pig Loin. His parents died when he was young, and he lives with a 16-year-old sister. He is a life-threatening master on the road and has a good reputation. Last time you reminded him that there was a problem, I immediately sent someone to look for it, and the result was that I’ve searched all over Qingzhou and can’t find it.” Zuo Yuxi leaned back in his chair, his calm tone seemed to be telling someone else’s story: “Oh, that’s fine. A person with disabled legs can disappear so completely, which shows what you said. They are all right. That incident was indeed a conspiracy.”
/“Jiangdong Province is too big, so it took a little time. The people below used some tricks a few days ago and finally forced the pork loin out. I didn’t do anything. Asked, he did it. But he didn’t know much, and he didn’t even know who the woman was before taking action. Of course, even if it was me, he would definitely do it.”
Wen Liang didn’t want to know what the little trick she was talking about was, and he didn’t want to Ask Pigloin why he definitely did that thing. Many things are better not to know than to know. Although he is young, he is no longer young.
He was shocked by Zuo Yuxi’s ability. Why did Jiangdong Province lose a little time because it was too big? How many connections did she use to seize the pig loin so easily?
“Then I focused on investigating his social relationships and abnormal behavior during that period, and then followed the clues to find a person. Although there is no evidence to conclusively confirm, I guess that the possibility of it being him is more than 70%.”
Wen Liang remained silent . After a moment, he asked quietly: “Who is it?”
“Fan Hengan!”
/Wen Liang looked at her a little surprised. As a Qingzhou native, you may not know the mayor and secretary, but there are two people who everyone knows. I don’t know, one is Gu Shitong from Qinghe Group, and the other is Fan Hengan.
But Fan Heng’an was fundamentally different. His original name was Fan Hongxing. He graduated from elementary school and was a gangster. He had been involved in dozens of cases of rape, robbery, and crowd fighting. Although he was not actually convicted in any of them, his reputation in the Qingzhou city was Fame can stop children from crying, virgins lose their virginity, and widows remarry. In 1983, during the nationwide crackdown, he fled Qingzhou to avoid the limelight for several years. He made a fortune by selling supplies on the Sino-Russian border. After returning t